The Timing of an In Home Design Project

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Our decorators and support staff are often asked if there is a specific sequence when doing decorating. In other words - should they pick out furniture first and then order window coverings or vice versa? The same applies to painting - where does this fall in the sequence of decorating? Well, we are here to tell you that there is no one particular way that works as a starting point better than the others. If you want to get your furniture, then do so and then our interior decorator can work with your colors of furniture and help you get the right window treatments. Drapes in HallwayWe can also help with paint selection too. You may also start with your window coverings and then get your furniture picked as well as the paint selection….or if you prefer, paint first and then get these other two moving.

Do What Works for You

The moral of the story here is that you begin with a starting point that is comfortable for you and then work forward. If you choose to begin the process with window coverings, then our decorators will supply you with nice size swatches to take and look for furniture.   Keep in mind that Sunshine Drapery also sells custom furniture as a full service interior design offering. If you have well built furniture, perhaps you then think about letting us reupholster those pieces to match.
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