3 Exciting Points To Consider When Choosing New Atrium Windows and Window Treatments

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Atrium windows are a delight with their expanses of glass and beautiful unmarred views to the great outdoors. You may have atrium windows in a sunroom or a family room or they may connect your indoor and outdoor spaces for family dining and entertaining. There are certain times of the year that is better for choosing new atrium windows and many different choices of window treatments from which to choose.

What are Atrium Windows?

Atrium windows are unique in their style and are sometimes called a garden window if they have a shelf for an inside garden. They are made in banks of windows and available in many different styles. Atrium windows are popular in warmer climates because they have a newer technology for insulating windows to keep homes and businesses cooler in the summer months. These types of windows are loved because of their energy efficiency, safety and ease of cleaning both sides of the windows from inside of the home or business.

Atrium Windows Treatment and Doors 101

Atrium windows treatment and doors are in high demand as a lovely architectural feature in many modern homes. They come with many benefits of being manufactured to give you energy efficiency, and excellent U-factor and to withstand heat and high wind. However, if you get a lot of sun through your bountiful windows, you will need to block some of the light and heat gains to stay more comfortable in your home in the dog days of summer.

What are the Types of Atrium Windows?

There are several popular styles of atrium windows that you can choose from to get a window replacement and get the exact appearance that you crave for your home. You can contact contractors like Bordner Home Improvement to help you with the process. Bow Windows
  • Awning windows are hinged at the top and they have a crank that opens the windows from the bottom to let in some fresh air on fall and spring days. You may have solid panes or grids inside of the panes to add beautiful detail to the outside of your home.
  • Casement windows are attached to the window frame with hinges on the side. This orientation allows you to open and swing the windows open to clean both sides at once. They are available in single versions or pairs for a fashion-forward appearance.
  • Double-hung atrium windows have two sashes that are vertically sliding and they can open independently of each other. The manner in which the two sashes tilt makes easy work of cleaning your windows on both theinside and the outside and both from inside of your home.
  • Basement hopper atrium windows have hinges at the bottom and open very easily from the top of the window into your home. These are used quite often for basements because they can allow natural light into your basement and have great ventilation as well.
  • Picture windows accentuate your home's unique design with an open and unobstructed view of the outside. They are stationary windows that don't open and are often paired with other types of atrium windows for a design that is all your own.
  • Tilt single hung windows feature a bottom sash that operates and tilts as the name implies for easy window cleaning from the inside. If you prefer a sliding bottom sash that moves vertically, you will like the appearance of a side load single hung window for airflow and ventilation in any space in your home.
  • Garden windows are a sheer project of beauty. They provide extra room for a lovely and practical space for indoor plants to be displayed as they extend past the walls of the house outward and have a wide area for your favorite plants.
  • Slider windows contain sashes that slide horizontally to open and give your home great ventilation. They can be custom made in many different orientations such as 2-lite with two moving sashes or 3-lite in which the sides move and the center part of the window is stationary.
  • Tilt turn atrium windows are loved for their practicality and simplicity. You can swing them open either like you do a door or tilt them inwards for ventilation with a turn of the handle.

Atrium Window Dilemmas

Many new houses are blessed with an abundance of glass windows and doors. Builders know today’s homeowners want a beautiful view with a connection to the outdoor patio where they could sit under the cantilever umbrellas and enjoy a wonderful evening. Atrium windows that span several floors are sought-after features in newly constructed homes. Quite often, buyers purchased the home specifically for these windows. That’s great until the summer sun blasts through them creating all kinds of havoc. The interior room temperature is elevated; the furniture and flooring fade; and no one can see the television. So how do you solve this dilemma? How do you preserve the view and eliminate these negatives? Draperies can be made to open wide and stack off the window – leaving that sought-after view intact for all but the sunniest times of the day. Window shades with cassette-style headrails can minimize the visual intrusion some shades have on the view and the décor. If the sun’s angle permits, a top-down, bottom-up feature allows daylight from the upper windows, while blocking the harmful rays at the lower level. These solutions are best handled with custom window treatments. Yes, ready-made draperies and window shades are available from a variety of businesses from “big-box” to hardware stores. Technology savvy customers can also find ready-made to semi-custom treatments on the internet. These websites are online “catalog” stores with limited product lines. None of these, however, offer the personal, on-site service provided by custom window treatment retailers. An in-home decorator has experience measuring the windows for that “custom” fit that cannot be found in a one-size-fits-all-ready-made treatment. The decorator brings to you an assortment of samples to match your existing decor and years of experience addressing these window dilemmas. That wealth of knowledge is simply not available at your neighborhood hardware store.

What is the Best Time of the Year for Replacement Atrium Windows?

Most items that you purchase are more expensive or less expensive at certain times of the year--and atrium windows are the same. Most homeowners start to realize that they need their windows replaced with the help of Glass Window Replacement Services when it starts to get cold so they can save on their winter heating bills. October and November are popular months to seek replacement windows, but this is also when you will pay a premium price. You should consider replacing windows in August to keep some of your hard-earned money in your pocket and secure the best price possible while you enjoy newer and more energy-efficient windows. [caption id="attachment_18470" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]replacing atrium windows for the winter It's more cost-effective to replace your windows in August and avoid the rush during the Ber-months.[/caption]

What Types of Window Treatments are Best for Dressing Atrium Windows?

The short answer to this question is whatever you prefer, but make certain that you have them custom made so you are guaranteed a perfect fit and an appearance that is worthy of your glorious features. You have stunning views of your outdoor scenery and landscaping that you have perfected through your large windows. The only atrium windows drawback is in the heat of the summer when the sun comes storming inside your home and makes it uncomfortably warm. The UV rays can also cause your flooring and furniture to fade over time and cause a great glare on the television as well.

Window Blinds

3 Exciting Points To Consider When Choosing New Atrium Windows and Window Treatments Custom window blinds are a great solution to your heat dilemma. You can have great light control by adjusting the slats or vanes in them and choose a fabric from sheer and lacy to thicker and more luxurious. Sheer blinds still give you a great view outdoors and they can filter your light and glare inside. Hard wood blinds give you the same great views when they are opened and you can also control the light in your rooms. Faux wood blinds are just as beautiful and they can be painted or stained in any color you wish to match your decor. Faux wood blinds look just like hardwood blinds, they are also lighter in weight and give you the same quality view along with the ease of use and cleaning.

Window Shades

Window shades of all types are also very popular for dressing atrium windows. They can filter the sun and still allow you to see outside easily. Woven wood shades are a great choice that allows you to see the view but they cut out all the glare. Roman shades are very appealing also. You have literally thousands of choices in fabrics from which to choose. You can choose solid colors or patterns in a huge variety of custom fabrics. Honeycomb or cellular shades are also a great choice for their superior insulation and availability in many colors as well as sheers to blackout shades for the ultimate in privacy.

Custom Draperies

Drapery panels are still the king in many homes. It's what you grew up with and windows don't seem dressed unless you use drapes for some people. Custom draperies can be arranged in thousands of different styles, so you are sure to find exactly what you are picturing in your head for your atrium windows. You can also use sheer panels against the windows and then add another layer of fabric on top to open and close as you need to so you can block the precise amount of sun and heat that you wish.

Free In-Home Consultations

When you hire an interior decorator to help you choose your window coverings, you are hiring a voice of highly experienced personnel that can ask you a few questions and help you to choose the window treatments that best suit your needs. You will also have a large assortment of fabrics to look at and actually feel them and then when you make your choices, an experienced decorator will show you a rendering of your choices on a laptop or tablet so you can see exactly what your choices will look like. Custom window treatments are guaranteed to fit your windows and they are even professionally installed for you to take all of the hassles out of securing new windows and beautiful new window treatments. Since there are so many variations in atrium windows, it's virtually impossible to get your window treatments from a big box store and having hopes that they will fit okay. You get personal and free in-home consultations service from custom window treatment retailers and a beautiful product that is long-lasting too.
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