9 Tips to Make Any Room in Your Home Shine

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Have you ever strolled through an open house and marveled at the beauty in each and every room? Gorgeous rooms just draw everyone into them. Learn how to get this desired look in your own home. The addition of a little color, a little texture and a lot of personalities can make a huge difference in your entire house. Here are some tips and tricks to bring this magic to your home and transform your space without a lot of trouble.

Add Some Color

A neutral color palette begs for some color in it to give it personality no matter which room of your home it's in. Add a splash of bold color to make your rooms look like they should be in a magazine spread. Start with just simple and tasteful colors and then add a bold and bright color for accents. You can accomplish this with a custom headboard on your bed in the bedroom and add some accents in the same color to your window trim. Color is an easy addition in any room and it instantly freshens and renews your home.

Add Some Mirrors

Mirrors are fantastic when it comes to decorating any room. When you decorate with mirrors of any type and in any size, it's a beautiful way to make any room feel larger, lighter and more open. The best place to put a mirror in any room is diagonally from your window so it can attract the light from outdoors or from your lighting sources in the room and make your room look much larger. You can also opt for using several smaller mirrors in a larger room and arrange them on a wall in a grouping for a dramatic feeling.

Add Some Accessories

Adding accessories to any room is an inexpensive manner to bring life to any room in your home. You can experiment with accessories and forward fashion objects in all rooms with custom rugs on the floor to bring color into a room. For a cohesive room, remember that you are placing accessories to fill empty space in a purposeful way. You don't want to overdo it and get a closed in feeling of clutter or too many knick-knacks. Try placing a small stool next to your tub in a bathroom and adding a woven laundry basket in a corner. These are useful items that you will utilize and they can dress up a room instantly.

Add Sprinkles of Greenery

Any interior designer will tell you that adding some greenery to a room is one of the easiest ways to beautify the room. You can add a small shelf in any room and adorn it with trailing ivy to travel gracefully across and hang down off the shelf. Or, in your living room or dining room consider getting a bar or beverage cart to place glasses, drink mixers and accessories on and add a tall beautiful vase with some eucalyptus in it for height. You can fill any nooks and crannies in your home with indoor trees, greenery or seasonal bouquets to dress it up and appear as if you are a designer yourself.

Let the Natural Light Inside to Shine

Natural lighting is hugely desirable for a reason. It makes each and every room in your home elicit feelings of calming, comforting and openness. Natural light also makes it a lot simpler for your overall design scheme too. If you've got it, flaunt it. If you have floor to ceiling windows or large windows of any type, highlight them to make them the focal point in your room. Choosing the correct types of curtains and draperies can really make a room. Consider a sheer panel on your larger windows with a drapery topper of some type in a great custom material. You can draw the sheer panels shut or open them as you wish to let that natural light shine in.

Experimenting is Fun, not Frightening

Let your creativity shine in every room. You don't have to stick with the norm in every room. You can bring one piece of modern furniture into a room and totally transform the look so it is fashion forward. Anyone can just decorate with showroom furniture and make their home look just like the showroom. However, if you want to reinvent a room to a gorgeous space, then let your imagination take the reins. For example, instead of a traditional full set of chairs at a dining room table, you can remove the chairs on one side of the table and add a modern leather loveseat for extra seating. This move makes a room more comforting as it takes away the traditional appearance and stuffiness of all the chairs matching for diners.

Add Updates to Your Tile

Most homes have tile in the kitchen and the bathroom of some sort. Tile adds to the cohesive design in rooms. You can spice up your tile with a pearlescent subway tile to shift away from the standard square tiles as a backsplash in the kitchen. Add some designer mosaic tile accents to your bathroom and kitchen to add color and design at the same time. Choose from a different type of ceramic tile like glazed to add a shine, unglazed to be demure in a room, porcelain to update your tile or travertine and marble with beautiful swirled patterns in them and make sure that they are sealed with proper marble sealer to avoid pores in between two stones, you can click for more info on this sealer. One of the best ideas for the bathroom is to update your shower tile. You can add one accent wall inside of the shower in a color that coordinates with your window coverings. Varying the tile sizes in your shower is another great idea for decorating a bathroom in a modern design. You can also use colored grout for a fascinating contrast to your tile areas.

Add Some Texture

When you add texture to any room it has a feeling of cozy and warmth throughout the room. A Moroccan area rug with a high low design is a great addition to any room, especially if you have hardwood floors, although it works well on carpeted floors as well. Add throw pillows of custom fabric that is textured to your living room, a reading nook or in the bedroom to add interest to the room. You can roll up some cozy blankets and add them to a woven basket to add warmth to your living room or layer some soft blankets on your bed, which are folded at various widths for texture. Another way to add some great texture to your living room or any room with a chair is to have it reupholstered in a lovely new pattern with custom fabric.

Reduce any Clutter

Many homeowners will spot a particular knick-knack that they really like and take it home. When they do this often and keep adding to items in one room, it can appear very cluttered to others, although the homeowner doesn't realize it because it happens over time. Only keep items out on countertops that you use very often. A kitchen cabinet that holds every cooking gadget imaginable will not have much workspace and look cluttered. Keep bathroom cabinets neat and tidy by putting away items that aren't used every day in a container underneath the sink. These ideas can help your home to appear to all as if you are an expert interior designer with a flair for fabulous rooms.   Post sponsored in part by: https://kitchenhome.co.uk/best-electric-shower/
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