Tips on Matching Drapes to Your Furniture

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If you are like most of us, you have difficulty matching the colors of your outfit much less matching draperies to furniture. Well, don’t fret because there is help for all of us out there. First, do not get wrapped up in the notion that you need to do furniture first or vice versa draperies first. It really does not matter. Begin with one or the other and then work from there! Always let a professional help you. Work with a company like Sunshine Drapery and Interior Design who offers complimentary in home appointments. They will work with your furniture selection and utilize their vast assortment of fabric to get the perfect match. Custom draperies and furniture go hand in hand. Draperies are like furniture for the window. The average US household will keep their draperies and furniture for up to 10 years before making a change. A drapery company like Sunshine takes the process of draperies and furniture coordination to a high level. For example, say you make your drapery selection and need to then make your furniture selection. Sunshine offers custom furniture and is a source for one stop decorating. However, if you want to go to a furniture store, then the decorator will arrange to have fabric swatches from the draperies you choose sent to you so you can take with you to furniture stores. Let the in home designer be your partner in making the entire room or rooms come together.

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