8 Tips to Transform Your Kids Room into a Creative Haven

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Is it time to give your kids room a much needed makeover? If so, you’re in luck! In this post, we are going to provide you with 8 creative kids room do-overs that will keep every parents happy.From adding shelves, dressing windows to giving children a personal touch on the space they call their own, we have all of the tips and tricks necessary for transforming any bedroom into an oasis of fun.

8 Creative Kids Room Do-Overs: From Shelves , Dressing Windows to Personal Touch

Creating a great room for your kid’s space is an adventure full of options and possibilities. Here are a few tips to help the experience be more pleasurable with less pain. Get ready to turn your little one's room into their very own artistic playground.

#1. Choose a Paint Color

Painting the walls in your child's room is the easiest way to give it a quick makeover to support your other items in the room. Choose a backdrop or wall color, that is timeless. In other words, choose a hue that is pastel or in the tan or gray families rather than pink for a girl or blue for a boy. This will help you transition the space from childhood to teen life with ease. Your background color serves as a base for all of the wonderful, personality-filled trimmings you will add to the room.

#2. Add Colorful Storage Solution

Place shelving units along one wall. You will want to make sure they are at eye level and securely fastened to the wall. Add colorful storage units such as baskets, specialty boxes with lids, plastic compartmentalized containers, and canvas bins. You can exchange brightly colored containers for neutral colors later as your child grows. These storage units are great for separating toys into like kinds for little kids to keep their room neat and tidy and later for make-up, journals, or electronics for your teens. Hang curtains or draperies with tie-backs in front of the shelving. Leave the curtains open andtied back when the unit is tidy, and close the curtains when life gets a bit chaotic. RS Nursery Window Treatments 2012 EW Standard Cordlock LR Faux Wood Kids Room 001

#3. Dress The Windows

Eyes will always gravitate toward the window in the room. What you choose to dress your window in will be the final factor in the success of a room redo. Draperies, blinds, or indoor shutters in St. Louis supply you with a wide variety of options. Indoor shutters give you a huge amount of latitude in their styles and they match your child's decor seamlessly. You can have custom indoor plantation shutters painted in any color you wish for a bright pop of color in your child's room. Later, as your child grows older, you can repaint your shutters in a more neutral color. No matter what room you are flipping or updating, remember the only rule is there are no rules.

#4. Create A Reading Nook

Create a reading nook in one corner of the room by adding a bookshelf and a beanbag chair. This cozy little niche will encourage your child to escape to new lands through the world of reading. Beanbag chairs are inexpensive and easily switched out as your child grows to more neutral colors. A reading nook is always age appropriate! Pinterest is full of great ideas for kids reading nooks.

#5. Lighting is Always Important

The addition of different levels of lighting brings any room to life. It's common to have lighting on the ceiling to brighten the entire room, but task lighting is also very helpful. Use extra lights over a reading nook or a desk area where your child creates their artwork so they can see easily. Wall sconces are available in a huge array of styles from which to choose and many contain children's themes with animals or cartoon characters as well. It's also helpful to have a themed night light in your child's room, so you can check on them at night without waking them up. RS Kids Room kids bedding and draperies

#6. Chalkboard Paint for Creativity

One of the hottest trends in the use of chalkboard paint. The options are endless– walls, tables or desktops, doors or floors, and chalkboard paint is at the height of creativity. You simply paint it on any surface and allow it to fully dry before your child uses it for creating their masterpieces. Younger kids get a great artwork space, while teens will use it to record class assignments or a to-do list. The array of colored chalk that is available makes this idea fun for everyone. Older children may use different colors of chalk to designate different types of activities in their schedules, such as tutoring lessons, music lessons, or sports games that they participate in.

#7. Dress The Walls with Decals

There are many companies that specialize in decals, or removable stickers, for walls. They work in the same manner as window clings, so they are easy to stick on walls, beds, or other items, and they can be removed easily without making a mess of your new paint job. Everything under the sun is available. Disney characters, letters and numbers, curly Qs, and landscapes. You can personalize a room without the worry of destroying the walls. These decals are reusable. Decals are a perfect way to personalize the space, whether it is a bedroom or playroom. RS Kids Room Window Treatments 02A APP 05 Kids ClearView 001

#8. Add Some Personality

Adding the personalized touches just might be the most fun. These are items and accessories in a room that describe your child without saying a word. Personal effects such as collectibles, a favorite stuffed animal, or a movie character make a room like “home” for a child. Purchase picture frames that have hinges, so you can switch out artwork with the latest masterpieces that your child makes in school or at home. Add colors and creativity for the best results in decorating your child's bedroom as a complete makeover.Have fun and make it your own!

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