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When accessorizing your home, modernizing your window treatments may not be front and center on your mind. However, the right window treatment can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home dramatically. Sunshine Drapery & Interior Design is the premier provider of window installation services in St Louis, Missouri. We have decades of experience designing and installing treatments that allow you to get the most out of your home’s windows. Here are ten of the best modern window treatments from experts in the window installation industry.

1. Opt for Half and Half Motorized Roller Shades

Many homeowners covet their privacy but also love a well-lit house. With a half and half window treatment, you can get the best of both worlds. With this design type, contractors can install blinds that cover the lower half of your windows. They will leave the top half exposed for optimal sunlight.

2. Cloak Windows With Drapes

If you want a sleek design that adds a touch of luxury to your living room, cloak windows with drapes are a practical option. These thick shades keep the sunlight out of your home and create a vibey atmosphere that is classy and stylish. These drapes will make a statement.

3. Choose Contemporary Patterns

Typically, many homeowners think about the types of window treatment designs they want but neglect the patterns of the drapes themselves. Poorly designed drapes can ruin the look of your windows. Consult with your treatment installer to get modern window treatment tips from experts. You can also talk to them about implementing a modern design with your drape set to contemporize your home.

4. Utilize Colors

If a simple design is not for you, go all out with brightly-colored drapes that set a vibrant tone for your home. Colorful shades can compensate for the lack of color on your walls. If you have a monochromatic wall color, adding some flair to your windows can complement it well.

5. Try Boho Blinds

Boho blinds provide an earthy, natural look to your home interior. Plus, they never go out of style, and the shades accentuate the natural sunlight from outside your home. Boho blinds match most room styles, giving you optimal flexibility. An interior designer can create a breathtaking room using boho blinds.

6. Match Your Frames and Blinds

One of the designs of the most stylish window you can install today is to match your frames and blinds, especially if you have wooden frames. You can invest in a treatment customized to coordinate your blinds for a fashionable look that adds value to your home. This design works particularly well if you live in a wooded area.

7. Consider a Mid-Century Design

A mid-century design can provide the perfect accent to your kitchen, living room, and dining room. These long, rectangular blinds allow you to get maximum sunlight during the day and optimal privacy at night. They also work well with mid-century art and decor set pieces.

8. Go for a Whimsical Design

You can also create a dreamy atmosphere by opting for a whimsical design, featuring opaque curtains that are lightweight and sleek. These curtains can block out most sunlight during the day and add a romantic touch to any room you place them in. They also create a clean, presentable look for your living room.

9. Select Windows That Blend

Window treatments that blend in with the rest of your room never go out of style. Typically, you see these treatments in white bathrooms where many prefer their windows to be incognito. Disguise your blended windows with motorized window treatments to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

10. Think About Built-In Windows

One of the most common modern window treatment tips from experts is to embrace built-in windows. Most homeowners do not like the idea of built-in windows due to a lack of flexibility. However, if you get the perfect treatment for your windows, they can become one of the highlights of your home.

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