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A trip to a health spa is a special treat that makes us feel pampered and cared for. The luxurious surroundings create an oasis that eliminates the clanging of the outside world. Wouldn't you like to tap into this tranquil atmosphere each and every day? Here are some tips to turn your bathroom into a spa that you can enjoy any time! With the help of a plumbing company you can make some simple changes and can unveil the hidden spa in your bathrooms. Contact a 24/7 Plumbing Services contractor if your plumbing system needs to be modified or replaced. Professional plumbers can also help with tasks like water heater repair and drain cleaning. First of all, simplicity is the key to serenity. You can’t relax in a room that has health and beauty products sprouting from every surface and wet towels hanging from the shower rod. Remove from sight what you absolutely don’t need on a daily basis and tuck the rest in cabinets, drawers or decorative baskets. You can also switch from a shower rod to glass shower doors to make it look more luxurious. Make sure to get the piping checked by only the best professional which you can find by visiting this site web as you should be able to get the right amount of heat in your bathtub to get the full relaxation of a spa. The colors and designs in the room should generate a soothing feeling. Typically, earth tones (browns, greens and blues) are the most relaxing colors and work well in a “spa-like” atmosphere. Whatever color scheme you select, use the softest shades in its palette for your walls, floors and window coverings. Bright, vibrant shades are not restful!   Clearly, you should designate this room “technology free.” The only exception is the addition of soft music. Do you really need to be wired every minute of every day? Your goal is to step away from distractions and to purge your mind of the day’s stressors. Voice mail, text messages, Facebook and Twitter will all wait. Aromatherapy is a common tool of spas. Fragrant candles or oil diffusers perfume the air and are thought to effect mind and body in a positive way. Occasionally, treat yourself to an extravagant assortment of soaps and lotions. After all, it is the sumptuousness of a spa that appeals to us.

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