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There's nothing worse than trying to watch TV with the sunshine blasting in. TV glare makes you want to pull your hair out! Luckily, we've got some help for you: But first - a question: What kind of exposure do you have? Is it south, north, east or west? How long and what part of the day is it effecting you? A few years ago, my Uncle Rich and Aunt Carol became empty nesters and downsized to a beautiful condo in Grover Missouri. They being great relatives called and asked Sunshine Drapery to do their window coverings. Their downstairs area was awesome. They had a spare bedroom and bathroom and it also had a wet bar and “lounging area”. Living room - glare on TVI think Uncle Rich was one of the first people whom I knew who had a television built into his wall. But, he was having difficulty watching golf on weekends because the sun came through the 6 or so glass panels. In their case, we decided to go with a blackout cellular shade. Why blackout? Well, the regular light filtering shade was great, but we decided this too would still not block all of the light. With the room darkening shade , we knew that when he needed it down, it would do the trick. I was thinking about my own personal house and when I watch football on Sundays here in St. Louis. In the afternoon, the sun simply comes in my French solution? Roman Shades! We made the Roman shades with a beautiful fabric right here in our very own drapery workroom a few years back. I love sun light as do most people. But, I don’t like it interfering with me watching our beloved Rams on Sunday. So, they usually are up stacked above the window most of the time, but not on football Sundays.   There really are a lot of choices and I have only mentioned blackout cellular shades and roman shades. There are screen shades, faux wood blinds, shutters, and even drapery panels that will do the trick. Let us at Sunshine Drapery help you get the right look and style for your home. We offer complimentary in home appointments to let us help you one on one.

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