Understanding Basswood Shutters Pros and Cons

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Upgrading your home and committing to a new look for your rooms and windows can be a stressful time. While remodeling a space to fit your vision should be exciting, the sheer number of options you have and factors to consider can leave you feeling overwhelmed.   At Sunshine Drapery & Interior Design, one of our biggest goals is to help make the process of upgrading your home feel as inspiring as it should be, and a part of that is assisting you in deciding what kind of window covering will work best in your home.   For homeowners looking to upgrade their window decor, basswood shutters are a popular option. While these shutters are trending for many people and many homes, they still have their set of drawbacks. Just like any interior design choice, you are considering; you will want to look at the pros and cons of basswood shutters before installing them in your home.   From quality to cost to versatility, basswood shutters stand out as unique window coverings and come with a list of equally unique factors to consider before you commit to purchasing them.

Pro: Durability

When shopping for window shutters, you likely won’t find a more durable wood option than basswood. While durability might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering window coverings, finding a solid wood built to stand the test of time is more important than you would think.   Cheaper wooden shutters can quickly lose functionality and even warp when exposed to extreme heat or moisture, which is one of the reasons why basswood shutters have become so appealing to so many people.   Those who purchase basswood shutters can take comfort knowing that their new window treatment will remain sturdy for years after installation.

Con: Price

Basswood shutters have become a highly sought-after window covering for those looking to remodel their homes, but not for their general affordability.   Shutters made from genuine basswood typically cost more to purchase and install than those made from more widely available materials and can often hit a price outside of people’s budgets.   Buying real basswood shutters comes with a set of unique advantages that other shutters and window coverings cannot provide. However, if you are looking for a more cost-effective option for your window treatment, opting for faux wood could be an economical alternative to basswood shutters.

Pro: Practical Versatility

One of the best things about having high-quality shutters in your home is that they offer complete control of the amount of sunlight entering a room.   Compared to window shades, basswood shutters come with an incomparable level of personalization based on their size and design. They can block out light from your home with ease or allow the sun to shine through entirely, but they allow for more subtle control as well.   Basswood shutters are adjustable in a unique way. Their blades are highly moveable, allowing small amounts of light to be let in or blocked out, depending on preference. That adjustability can help readers bring a small amount of reading light into a dark room and help TV watchers block out glare while still relying on natural light.

Con: Aesthetic Versatility

As is the case with most window coverings, basswood shutters are not completely versatile in their appearance. While they come in many different colors and styles, wooden shutters will not fit into every person’s design vision.   Shutters are highly customizable in how they look and fit into your home. Still, for those who prefer the appearance of materials other than wood, there are various options. Customers who purchase shutters have the opportunity to select wooden shutters, shutters made from vinyl, or a hybrid of the two, depending on their preferences.   While basswood shutters will always be recommended for their benefits and overall quality, keep the above in mind when considering how they might look in your home, as they will not fit into every design preference.

Pro: Temperature Control

In addition to being great controllers of how much light gets in or stays out of your home, basswood shutters are equally impressive at helping you control the temperature of your house.   One of the values of purchasing wooden window coverings is their ability to insulate a space. Basswood shutters are especially good at this, thanks to their quality and solid structure.   During the hottest days of summer, basswood shutters stand out as one of the premier ways to keep the sun out of your home and beat the heat. When sealed shut, basswood shutters will stand up well to the elements and prevent that natural heat from entering your home. In the colder months, basswood shutters will do an equally strong job of keeping heat inside your home when closed.

Con: Frequent Maintenance

Basswood shutters are a high-quality product made from premium wood. But, as great as that sounds, high quality doesn’t necessarily translate into all benefits all the time.   Another con of basswood shutters has to do precisely with the quality of the wood itself, as the shutters need to be cleaned and polished more frequently than other shutters to maintain their durability and appearance. Neglecting to clean basswood shutters properly could deteriorate their overall appearance and even their functionality in some cases.

Pro: Easy Maintenance

While cleaning is always more of a hassle than we want it to be, the good news about basswood shutters and the maintenance required to keep them looking as beautiful as always is that cleaning them is a relatively painless process.   As long as you are dusting your basswood shutters frequently and wiping them down with a dry, microfiber cloth with a little bit of wood oil, your shutters will keep the appearance they had from the day you bought them. Schedule an appointment with Sunshine Drapery & Interior Design on our website or call or text tel:(314)916-37-73 to learn more about our premier interior shutters.
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