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We all have ideas about the “look” we are trying to achieve in decorating any room of our house; we have scoured magazines, visited showrooms and websites for ideas; we have color schemes in mind; we certainly have preferences for style – traditional, European, contemporary, etc. The issue becomes one of pulling everything together to achieve the color, texture, and “look” we want. This is where we all, who are not proffesionaldecorators, can get it all wrong. Yslider_services3ou may have the furniture you want; you may even have the flooring you want; what you do not have is the wherewithal to carry designs throughout a room or a home, so that they reflect your tastes in style and color. When you are ready for window treatments, accent pillows, even wall coverings, you need the advice of someone who successfully does this for a living. These crucial elements of décor will “make” or “break” your ultimate goal of getting exactly what you want. Window treatments are absolutely essential in achieving your goals. You may have ideas about drapes, shades or shutters, but do you really know that your choice will work with your overall design? Probably not. This is a time for a professional – one who can come into your home, listen to your wants and needs, discuss your budget, and come up with great options based upon your parameters. The decorator can bring samples and pictures, so that you can see the results of your choices in the room itself. As well, the decorator can steer you away from “disasters” and toward those window treatments that will truly complement your desired look. For example, you may have an aversion to mixing prints or plaids and stripes. Somehow, it just doesn’t “feel” right to you, because your parents never mixed them. A neutral furniture décor, however, needs this kind of pizazz, and your personal decorator can show you how these other designs can enhance the effect you really want. If you have a very “busy” room, in terms of colors, textures and designs, then perhaps a more neutral window treatment is warranted. Again, your decorator can make great suggestions and show you a myriad of options. Another important factor in the selection of window treatments is light. Many a do-it-yourselfer has chosen drapes, panels, curtains, shades or blinds without consideration for the amount of light that comes into his/her windows throughout the day. If the amount of light varies, and yet you want to ensure that the rom has enough light at all times of the day, then you will need options that allow you to vary the amount of light you actually let in. If, for example, you have a room with morning sun streaming in, you will want something to block it, at least somewhat. Choosing a heavily lined drape will be correct for that morning problem, but what happens in the afternoon when the sun is on the other side of your home? In order to have daylight, you will then have to open those drapes and expose your entire room to outsiders. Shades, shutters, or sheer panels, even behind your heavy drapes, may provide the answer. Your decorator can demonstrate these options for you, so that you can make informed decisions.   Choosing colors and textures of window treatments is also critical. If you have a contemporary look, for example, you do not want a heavy drapery fabric that “screams” traditional. Roman shades that open from top or bottom, with side drape panels in a great geometric design, could be your answer. Your windows look “finished,” and you can control the amount of light in a variety of ways. Adding pillows and other accent pieces will “finish” your room nicely. Rely on your in-home decorator for suggestions, for s/he is the person with the experience, the “eye,” and the knowledge of what will work for the room. There may be terrific options in fabrics and colors you never would have considered!

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