Is the vertical blind still around as a window covering option?

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Ahhhhhhhhhh..the good old vertical blind. My experience is that customers either love them or hate them. In the 80’s and particularly the 90’s, vertical blinds were going up in homes all over Missouri and Illinois. They were used throughout the house - sliding glass doors, patio doors from the kitchen and walk out basements. We were installing these in bedrooms and all over the house. Here in 2011, do they still sell? The answer is yes, but the styles have changed. Do they sell like hot cakes as in the 80’s and 90’s? No!

Old School "Verticals"

First, in the 90’s, the pvc vertical became more popular than the fabric vertical. What is pvc? It is simply a vinyl style. They hang well and the cleaning on these is so easy. You simply wipe them off with a damp cloth. If you have a fabric vertical and get it dirty, then you are in trouble..not a lot you can do. The fabric vertical is still here today but in terms of a percent of vertical sales, it is no more than 10%. The pvc one looks good, hangs well and cleans well. But, what is the customer to do if they just don’t like verticals. Verticals have their down sides. They can blow and clank if you have air streaming through. They are not always great for total privacy because when moving, it creates space in between.

What's Available Today?

So, in the past 10 years, suppliers have done a better job figuring out what to do. They have come up with a sheer/vertical combination often referred to as the luminette from Hunter Douglas. Other suppliers have come up with their version of the luminette . It just depends on what style looks best for you the consumer in your home.   Another option is a panel track system,. The panels are wide and can draw like a drapery or have a wand as the control. Go to Hunter or and see . Another option is a plantation shutter - yes, a shutter looks great on a patio door or anywhere in the house. And if all else fails, put a custom drapery up that opens and closes. Bottom line is that you the consumer need to understand the pros and cons of any window treatment. Work with a Sunshine decorator and their complimentary in home service and explore whether a vertical or any other type of window covering is right for you.
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