What color should I choose?

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Clients often ask me “What color should I choose?” Colors are personal, yes there are “Fads” or “Trends and the decision for some can be difficult or even overwhelming. Colors make the room; they create an atmosphere and an emotional reaction which varies from person to person. Using Red can convey love, passion, and glamour. White is happy, clean, pure and innocent. Restful rooms that evoke nature, nurture and balance are filled with Greens. Blue is calming, refreshing and sensitive. Yellow imparts warmth, hope, and happiness. Using Black can be dramatic and mysterious. Orange is exotic and exciting. Purple is unique, regal and calming. Picking colors is as simple as deciding the moods and emotions you want to convey see or feel. I most often respond with “pick your favorite color or colors that make you feel good and go from there.

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Debra Fischer

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