What is a Thermal Curtain?

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When we hear that a customer wants a thermal curtain, it usually is a curtain or as we like to say at Sunshine, a thermal drapery. Often, customers are looking for a drapery to keep out the cold air from coming through windows. A drapery in itself will act as protection from the elements like cold air, but what one does not realize is that the lining can make a big difference. When we have a client who is looking for a new look and also trying to keep out the cold, we will discuss utilizing what is called a thermal suede lining. Thermal suede is heavier and just offers an extra thick layer of protection. This is not to say that any of our linings are not viable and will not do the same thing. Any type of lining is adding a layer to the main material so it will help out. Thermal suede lining is no different than people wearing “long underwear”. It is heavier and adds a layer for warmth. Thermal suede usually comes in white and off white and the color makes a difference depending on the main front fabric. If a customer is ordering a white color base fabric, then the white thermal lining is going to be important in the selection because it will show off the main fabric more. Nevertheless, thermal lining is available to help primarily for the extra protection.   In todays world, we all seem to be wanting to do our part in purchasing eco friendly type products, otherwise known as going “green”. When buying draperies, you can also be eco friendly by purchasing not only for décor, but helping with your energy bills. We often are asked if there are other eco friendly type products other than thermal draperies in the window covering business. The answer is emphatically yes. But, we’ll save this for another time since the focus today is on thermal draperies.

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