What Is So Special About a Roman Shade?

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What is really “cool” about a roman shade is that there are so many options out there in the market place. All of the leading manufacturers in the window covering industry have gotten on the roman shade bandwagon. The colors and fabric selection they offer are outstanding and worth looking at. Also, custom drapery companies offer roman shades because they can be made in different styles and using many drapery fabrics. There are different names associated with roman shades by each company; thus for simplicity, there are roman shades with folds to them and there are roman shades that are flat. Most roman shades to make look good will have a valance over the shade at the top so when the material is pulled up, it will slightly tuck underneath.A flat style roman shade will tend to tuck better than one with a lot of folds. However, if you are looking to clear the window totally, then a roman shade being pulled up might not be your best option. Roman shades are “casual” in nature. If you are a person who likes a crisp look at all times, then the roman may not be for you. When it pulls up, it doesn’t always fold up in a nice even bunch or line. But roman shades are “in” then they kill two birds with one stone. In other words, they serve as privacy control and at the same time add “furniture” to your windows.   Roman shades can have cords as well as come cordless from many companies. Roman shades can also come with a top down bottom up feature with some companies too. There just are so many options available. Look at roman shade photos on line or have a decorator visit your home and show you pictures of roman shades. Make sure it is the look for you.

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