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You have heard it before - your home is one of the biggest if not the biggest asset you own. You use your home to feel comfortable and live life. It’s not just for sleeping, but your home defines your image. When your friends and family come over, you probably want your home to shout what you are about. I recently was in a home and the vertical slats were falling off the slider. The dog and children had done their due diligence on this window treatment after 12 years. The bathroom had wallpaper falling off and I saw cobwebs from the atrium windows. [singlepic id=587 w=320 h=240 float=right]I knew these people quite well and these were just a few of the “things” I noticed. Now I realize that since I own the company, I probably am a little more observant than most people. This may be true, but what I saw was something that my wife and children even pointed out. This “defined” the people. I wanted to jump in and help out because what they needed done was not expensive - most were do it yourself fixes. But, it was not my place. Look at your own home and make a “wish list” of what you think needs to happen. Be open minded and challenging. Maybe ask your best friend whose house you admire to be positively constructive with you. If you can afford to hire for a few hours an interior decorator, then do so. Some companies don’t charge and offer complimentary services for window coverings and other products like bedding, pillows, wall coverings, etc.If you know this is what you need, then have them out because you have determined some specific projects that need to occur.   A good window covering company will not only help you with blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies, but they will offer you advise on paint color and other “things” in your home as well. I recently had some new drapery panels installed and the decorator advised me to look at getting new chairs because the chairs I had were very small in the room and what we were trying to do. These were chairs I inherited from my father and stepmother after she passed away and my father chose to downsize. There was some sentimental value, so I elected to give them to my 21 year old daughter who needs furniture for her apartment next year in college. Hence, I got bigger chairs and wow, it just made all the difference in the world in the room. Your house is your home.

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