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Are you considering new window treatment styles to dress up your home? Maybe you just need a change and a little inspiration. You can draw ideas from the top designers and make your areas shine brightly. Stunning window treatments can actually be a focal point in a room, especially if you learn how to coordinate different items and make them both functional and beautiful. [caption id="attachment_14495" align="aligncenter" width="400"]natural elegance window blinds Photo credit by:[/caption]

Neutral Elegance

Elegant window treatments include floor to ceiling length adornments in a neutral tone. Neutral tones include equal parts of the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. A neutral color has low saturation appearing close to gray. Neutral color schemes are white, black, gray and some shades of brown. Any of these colors of full-length window treatments will appear very elegant and you can add a valance with a golden tone to the window topper.

Simple Elegance

This type of window treatment works well in formal dining or sitting rooms in your home. Heavy brocade curtains or drapes look fabulous when they are mounted just below the ceiling tray and cascade gracefully to the floor. Use a simple ring header on the drapes so as not to take away from the brocade. The addition of a beautiful tie back on each drapery panel such as silk allows you to let light into the room and completes the look.

The Breezy Appearance

Most people don’t think about adding window treatments to outside rooms, but it gives you the feel of being indoors while still enjoying a breeze and the sunshine outside. This transformation is made by hanging curtains from the top of an open wall down to the floor. It’s best achieved by using lightweight fabric so it can flow with a breeze. Make certain that you use outdoor proof fabrics or a fabric that is easy to wash.

Pink Layers

Some designers make rooms vibrant to capture the fun and loving personality, especially in a bedroom. Mix pink fabrics in shades of pink throughout the room. Have a three-tone pink custom-made bedspread or comforter created for your space. You can pair up super dark pink sheer panels on the windows paired with a pink striped panel. This idea works best with a neutral color scheme for your walls and floors.   [caption id="attachment_14504" align="aligncenter" width="381"]pink window treatment Photo credit by[/caption]

Bold Contrasts

Maybe you want to go bold for your breakfast nook or your living room. This style is dramatic if you have large, wide black and white stripes with a grommet heading for a clean and contemporary appearance.

Curtain Combinations

Go for the streamlined appearance of a valance on the tops of your windows in any room to cover the drapery hardware. Cream-colored panels in a lighter fabric with a dark brown rich trim on the sides and bottom match up well with a valance in the same fabric that also sports the dark brown trim on the bottom.

Go Bold and Colorful

Roman shades can be made out of many types and weights of fabric. This gives you free range in your choice of bold patterns of all types. Add a lot of punch and color to your windows with bold and vibrant color palettes. You can use this type of window treatment in smaller windows, or in your tallest for a statement piece.

Sleek and Blue Living Room

Try some shades of blue to dress up your living room in a contemporary style. Choose a more vibrant or darker color of blue for drapes that go from ceiling to floor in a straight and neat window treatment. Choose a valance to hide the hardware at the top of the drapes in a coordinating color and add several throw pillows in the same or a coordinating blue to your couches and chairs. If you have a coffee table, you can have it upholstered and covered in a beautiful blue to tie the entire space together.

Fabulously Frilly

Custom made window treatments give you the most options possible. You can have a frilly valance with lots of ruffles or lace on it. Add two drape panels per window in a solid color with accents of lace on them and simple tiebacks in a solid color. This type of window treatments conveys a feminine and romantic area in your bedroom. [caption id="attachment_14500" align="aligncenter" width="530"]go floral pattern window treatments Photo credit by[/caption]

Get Creative

You can add curtains where you don’t even have a window. In an open concept home where the rooms all flow together, you can select an area to place curtains to section off rooms. In addition to that, you can also place beautiful drapes with soft pleats hung on your walls to add warmth to an area.

Practical and Pretty

When you have blinds on your windows, you are in complete control as to how much light you let into your home. You can open the blinds partially or raise them to the top of the window for the most warmth and sunshine. This is the practical portion and the pretty portion is to hang drapes or curtains from ceiling to floor in a cute print that picks up some of the colors from your room. Bamboo curtain rods work well with this style and they can match your stain on your window casings.

Go Floral

Floral patterns in a large print are back in style. They don’t go out of style if you keep in mind that you want a large pattern. These work really well to make Roman shades out of for any room or space in your house.

Simple Style

If you choose a simple style, then you won’t worry about embellishments, jabots, swags or other fussy type treatments. Just simply choose a modern material for your shades or panels with a geometric pattern. These types of window treatments work well in smaller spaces, such as a library or a home office. These designer styles have everything from the simple to the elegant styles of any room in your home. Our expert designers can help you decide what message you want to convey in your home.
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