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Contractors who are working on office buildings or homes like us because we can provide the cost-effective, turnkey solutions they need in window treatments. We understand that general contractors work with a variety of decisions, and will lead the way toward contemplating city codes and regulations that govern certain sizes of windows and what can or should not be covered. We especially will focus on providing details for fire-retardant products that can scale up to meet the needs of building projects. Each different building type has various specifications and codes to consider, and we like wading into those details with you. We're happy to provide a bid on needed window treatments, and hope potential clients will remember the following when making the final decision for a window treatment contractor: We say what we're going to do, and we do what we say. We're often told that same promise is not a value held by all sources of window treatments. We also understand the value of responsiveness, and how it affects your day-to-day objectives. Your deadlines become our deadlines. Incorporating the season of the year, we'll provide accurate estimates of window treatment deliveries so you're not surprised or disappointed with arrival dates. With other sources for window treatments, clients often tell us they have extremely narrow window treatment choices and color selections. However, we're devoted to custom-fitting your projects and giving you as many resources, color choices and design options as we can — all while keeping an eye on the business bottom-line impact of any of the final window treatment choices. Keep in mind that we represent multiple brands and product lines, so we're happy to provide clients with the pros and cons of different vendors, given their driving forces and what they are trying to achieve with each project. We've outlined the following, smooth process to ensure the best final window treatment outcomes:

  1. Initial, introductory phone call to gather important, overall details.
  2. Meeting at the facility or general office being designed to discuss your interior design vision.
  3. Identify and discuss issues and objectives.
  4. Confirm feedback.
  5. Meeting in the actual rooms to receive window treatments.
  6. Providing details of window treatment options for each project.
  7. Providing a comparative analysis of two or three main choices for window treatments.
  8. Order fabric samples, if warranted.
  9. Ensure final measurements are taken and compared.
  10. Confirm final selection(s).
When choosing a window treatment contractor, we hope decision-makers are comparing apples-to-apples, because our customized measurements and diligent customer service are hard to beat. Rest assured that we're eager to work with you and take care of all your window treatment needs, from beginning to completion.
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