Indoor Shutters Bring Versatility And A Classic Touch To Your Home

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Indoor Shutters Add Classic Style to Your Home

Indoor shutters, in conjunction with your window treatments, have many benefits for your health, utility costs and are very versatile to fit any size and shape of window you may have. The original "window treatments" are interior shutters. They are commonly used in Southern and urban houses to add a great deal of architectural interest and historical detail to your home while providing many benefits. When you combine indoor shutters with other window treatments, you reap all the benefits possible in versatility for your home.

Versatility at its Best

Indoor shutters with window treatments allow you to have beautiful and timeless versatility as you can open the shutters and the window treatments to get the full spectrum of light through your windows. If you want, you can close your drapes or your shutters and have a different look with each one. Custom indoor shutters can be custom fit to any size and shape of window that you may have. You can also opt for the cafe style where only a bottom portion of the window has shutters. There are literally thousands of colors of stain you can choose from to match your indoor shutters to your trim work in your home. Adding shutters to your draperies will fit in with any type of home decor--from ultra modern to traditional, craftsman or modern.

A Permanent Solution

The addition of indoor shutters is a permanent addition to your home because they last for so long that they have a lifetime warranty. Since the look is timeless, you won't need to ever replace them, but when you use drapery or other window treatments, you can still change them every so often to display your smart sense of style. Not everyone realizes it, but indoor shutters are an asset, as they increase the value of your home. The louvers can be opened slightly to enjoy some sunlight in your room while still maintaining a level of privacy.

Indoor Shutters Stand the Test of Time

Indoor shutters are sturdy and can stand up to daily use in your home or business. Shutters are also adverse to trends, as they have been used for decades without ever looking dated in the least. Indoor shutters don't fade like drapes or shades and they can block out harmful sunlight when closed to keep your home furnishings, such as furniture and carpet from fading.

Reducing Your Utility Bills

The combination of indoor shutters being closed and draperies being closed can save you loads of money on your utility bills. When they are closed in the winter, they trap cold air next to the window to cut down on the heating costs in your home. In the summer, they do the same with the warm air to reduce your home cooling costs. Indoor shutters can be a great way to deflect direct sunlight away from your windows as an additional benefit in the summer.

Comparison of Wood, Vinyl and Composite Indoor Shutters

The three main types of indoor shutters include composite, vinyl and wood. Each of the three types of materials has different benefits and price points from which to choose. You may prefer the appearance of one shutter type over another, but learning about them can help you to make an informed decision to add beauty and elegance to your home.

Composite Plantation Shutters

Composite indoor shutters are strong and very durable with a long lasting life. They work especially well for large windows because they are lighter in weight than the other types of shutters. They are most often seen in neutral shades or in painted colors to match your decor in your home. In appearance, composite shutters look nice with clean lines and they are low maintenance as you can simply wipe them clean and they never need to be repainted to maintain their color. Some of the areas that you generally see composite shutters are in family homes, children's rooms and on patio doors.

Vinyl Indoor Shutters

Vinyl indoor shutters have a good strength and stiffness to maintain their shape without sagging for many years. Generally speaking, this type of shutter is always in a set louver size without an option to customize them and most commonly are seen in neutral shades. Vinyl is modern and simple in appearance with a matte finish without shine. Vinyl is 100 percent waterproof, easy to clean and resistant to warping, fading or peeling making them ideal for bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens as well as high traffic areas.

Indoor Wood Shutters

Wood shutters are very strong due to the expert workmanship of mortise and tenon joints to prevent warping. You can customize the stiles, rails and louvers to create the exact appearance that you want on your windows. Wood shutters can be made in any shape or size to fit irregular and specialized widows. The wood is color matched with stain to other wood pieces in your home, such as furniture or trim work and they display a natural warmth and wood grain in a room. Wood shutters are long lasting and durable and any type of damage is easily repaired. They are also made from eco-friendly types of wood such as basswood, alder wood and North American Poplar as sustainable wood sources. Choosing indoor shutters in conjunction with window treatments such as drapes, give you the ultimate control of light in any room in your home for a timeless beauty that will never go out of style. This combination will also give you the option of changing your drapery style, color or pattern every so often in order to take full advantage of different styles in your interior decorating.
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