3 Reasons Why You Should be Using Shutters in Your Home

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Shutters are window treatments that are more than just decoration. There are a variety of window treatment options. Shutters in your home enhance your windows in a more permanent way. Theycomein a variety of materials, add value to your home, and have customizable features you will find pleasing and perfect for your room lighting and covering needs. The safety, durability, and look of shutters cannot be beaten. Find the perfect option for your windows to love.


Wood shutters are durable while looking elegant. They are stainable, paintable and lightweight shutters while being versatile and customizable.Vinyl shutters come in a variety of color options, are easy to clean and hold up in humidity and high sunshine.Some shutters come in an aluminum option.Composite wood shutters are similar to real hardwood shutters in customization and taking stain and paint well.


Depending on the width of the window to be shuttered, there are bi-fold, tri-fold and quad-fold options in the opening and closing of the shutters on the windows. Whole window covering allows for letting light in or blocking the sun by a simple adjustment without cords or raising and lowering, unlike blinds and shades. The half window covering is a custom option which covers a portion of a window, such as a lower or upper portion of the window, for privacy or visual appeal. This allows in more light and enhances other window treatments or structural elements of the window to remain uncovered. Combination shutters have a divider rail so the top has a separate shutter control than the bottom and you can open and close top and bottom separately. Customization means the shutters will fit your windows, different shapes, custom-sized windows and out of the ordinary windows.

Shutters areSeasonal

  • Shutters let in the light and let you see outside when it is beautiful and flowers are in bloom in the spring.
  • The summer sun and heat can be oppressive, but you simply adjust your shutters to block the intense sun and heat.
  • Crisp colors of fall and the less intense sun are welcomed by opening your shutters to allow it all in.
  • Winter’s cold winds and icy snow are easily blocked by shutting your shutters to insulate your home from the elements.

Added Bonus of Shutters

  • In home consultation.
  • Customized shutters are installed with custom mill work fit for your specific windows.
  • Just swipe and clean, turn to the other side of the shutter, swipe and clean. It is an easy maintenance and cleaning window treatment.
  • No screws to show since the screws are covered by the custom mill work.
  • Add energy efficiency to your home by closing out extreme heat and cold.
  • Privacy while letting light in is easy with shutter since they can be tilted up or down.
  • Shutters are permanent and increase the value of your home.
  • Tilt bar to open and close the shutter or no tilt bar are options to choose from.
  • Child and pet-friendly and safe because there are no strings or detachable parts to worry about.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy plantation shutters’ enhanced permanent decorative features. Shutters are safe and an easy way to control light coming through windows. Shutters come in customizable materials, widths, mill work, colors and your window specific fitting. In-home consultation, so you can choose shutters for your home in the comfort of your home. Control the light and limit the effects of the outside seasonal elements from your comfortable home. A safe alternative to window coverings. Increase your home energy efficiency and value by adding customized shutters. Shutters are the beautiful window covering alternative!
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