Five Advantages of Indoor Shutters

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Like all interior design trends, window treatment styles change every so often. That's one of theadvantages of indoor shutters- they're as timeless as they are versatile; here are fivereasons why you'll love them.

Long Lasting

Indoor shutters outlast most other types of window treatments in two ways: durability and style. Shutters are one of the few window coverings that have remained solidly in use throughout the decades when other styles have come and gone. And because they're made of quality wood or a wood composite, they last a long time.


No matter what style your decor is - from traditional orcountry to contemporary ortransitional- there's a shutter that will complement your space.The shutters you choose to coordinatewith your interior design will also enhance your home from the outside, regardless of your home's exterior color or style. This adds to the curb appeal of your home, an extra boost when it comes time to sell and a wonderful first impression on your guests.Interior shutters can add to the value of your home because they stay with your home when it's sold and are highly desirable. Indoorshutters give you a wide range of color choices, from hundreds of wood stains to white and off white to create just the look you want. You can even let your shutters make a statement byadding a pop of the latest color trend or by enhancing a color theme being used throughout the space.Shutters can be configured to fit custom-sized, over-sized, undersized or uniquely shaped windows.


Unique to interior shutters, the amount of light coming in through the window can be adjusted in many different ways: the shutters can be pulled to the sides, allowing the windows to be fully exposed for maximum light; they can be tilted up or down to direct light to a specific area while still maintaining a certain amount of privacy; or they can be closed to block out light when room darkening is needed during the day.The width of the louvers can also play a part in how much daylight streams through your windows - wider amhurst_living_-0390_29736louvers let in more light when open.If you install shutters in a room where you only need partial privacy, such as a bathroom where only the lower part of the window needs to be covered, you can still allow natural light in from the top half of the window by leaving those louvers open or angling them upward.Another bonus about shutters is when the louvers are closed, not only does it block out the light, but shutters help to minimize sounds from outside. On those perfect days when you want to let air into your home, indoorshutters allow you to adjust the slats to direct the breeze upward, downward, or straight in, thereby also minimizing or maximizing air flow while alleviating the direct drafts thatyou'd get from an open window.  

Saves You Money

During the heat of summer, you can angle the louvers to direct sunlight away from rugs and upholstered furniture to prevent fading and to minimize heat from direct sunlight, which is good news for your energy bill!During the colder weather months, wood shutters help to keep the cold out and warmth in, which can help lower your heating bills.

Low Maintenance

Shutters collect less dust than fabric window coverings, which not only makes them easier to clean than other treatments, but it makes them great for anyone with allergies. Because they don't collect dust as much as other window coverings, they only require you to do a simple dusting every now and then.   Indoor shutters offer more advantages than any other type of window coverings, from beauty andenergy to saving you money!Their timelessness and durability mean you only need to invest in window treatments once, a plus that any homeowner can appreciate.
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