7 Winter Bedroom Tips To Make It Extra Special Cozy

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When you are preparing your winter bedroom, there are several things that you can do to make it your cozy oasis away from the cold winds.

Tip # 1: Layered Bedding

Add layers of bedding to your bed so that you can either pull more covers on when it gets very cold, or you can leave some layers folded at the foot of the bed when it warms up a bit. Start with your regular sheets then add a fleece blanket. Finish the layers with a custom quilt or comforter on top. This balance allows your overall covers to gain weight so that it keeps your body heat inside the sheets, just as layering clothing when you are outside does.

Tip # 2: Add Textures

When you add textures to your bedroom, it helps to give it a more winter like appearance and feel. Change your window treatments to include thicker materials such as insulated drapes. This type of fabric will help to keep the cold air near your bedroom windows and trap it in place. It will prevent the cold air from circulating into your bedroom and keep it warmer since the heater won’t have to warm the cold air as well as the air in the room. You can also add a thicker decorator fabric as a layer to your window treatments for the ultimate cozy, warmth. Think of textured fabrics such as a heavy linen, faux suede or any type of blackout drapery to keep your bedroom cozy. [caption id="attachment_14392" align="aligncenter" width="564"]bedroom for winter Photo Source: mydomaine.com[/caption]

Tip # 3: Throw Pillows

Add extra texture to your bed with assorted custom throw pillows in a fabric to match or coordinate with the colors in your draperies. Corduroy is a nice winter fabric for pillows as is velour or denim. You can mix and match some solid color pillows along with some that have patterns, such as stripes and chevron patterns.

Tip # 4: Winter Colors

Many homeowners choose warm tones for their winter bedroom. You can add any type of a valance in a warm tone such as browns, oranges and shades of gray. Pale gray and beige are considered very calming colors, which is great for winter weather when you may be spending a lot of time indoors due to the weather. Adding some orange accents can change your mood to be more creative. These colors can change your winter mood because you will see them the last part of the evening and again the first thing in the morning to lift your spirits all day long.

Tip # 5: Adding More Warmth in Your Winter Bedroom

Reupholster a divan or a love-seat in your bedroom in a thicker, more luxurious fabric such as micro suede or corduroy. These accents help to warm up your room. You can even add-in a gas heater for home if you feel too sensitive to the weather. Set up a residential hvac unit in your bedroom to make the space comfortable even during the cold winter months. You should also have it serviced by a furnace repair or heater repair technician to maintain its efficiency. It’s always nice to have a great smelling candle in your winter bedroom scents to bring a touch of the holidays to your boudoir. Cinnamon and spice are some of the favorites for winter candles.

Tip # 6: Make it Smell Lovely

When you change items in your bedroom to accommodate winter, they have most likely been in storage since last year. As you add warmer bedding and curtains that have been stored, spray them with fabric refresher so that they have a clean and light scent. It’s also easier to sleep if your bedding and surroundings smell lovely.

Tip # 7: Don’t Forget the Floor

If you have a hardwood floor in your bedroom, you can add a nice cozy rug to the keep your feet warm when you get out of bed. Choose a warm color such as a red or orange to coordinate with your other bedroom colors. A faux fur rug feels luxurious on your cold feet. These tips can help you refresh your bedroom and get ready for old man winter before he arrives.
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