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Asian style decor instantly evokes the feelings of serenity and tranquil calming. Following some tips on this style can help you to achieve calming rooms throughout your home for peacefulness. Coming home after a long day can be very peaceful if you add some Asian decor in your home. Asian themes include items that are in harmony and balanced with a sense of care, precision and a clear thought process to help you to do away with any unwanted additions. You can incorporate some of the mesmerizing elements into your own house while still keeping the contemporary and fresh vibe intact.

The Beautiful Backdrop

Asian design is inspired largely by the colors that you see in nature. Therefore, the decorations often mimic scenic landscapes and natural colors that suit your interior. You should keep your backdrop neutral in colors such as a cream, light blue or an elegant gray color. Backdrops work well over the headboard in a bedroom or on a wall in any other room in your home. You can make it beautiful and dramatic by adding downward pointing lights at the top of the backdrop to give it ambiance.

A Pinch of Vivacious Colors

An Asian themed interior includes some vibrant colors in the accents that stand out when they are placed in a neutral and calm setting. Some of the best Asian colors to use in your home on throw pillows in any room are items in cherry blossom pink, bright and strong reds and luxurious purples, which are all part of the Oriental style.

Bring on the Black

If you have a neutral backdrop in a room, you can add furniture in black lacquer as an ideal choice. Instead, you may decide to add some features with gold tones to create a majestic family room. The gold tones can be in window treatments and also in rugs or throw pillows with a gold-tone lighting solution in table lamps or an overhead light.

Balance Visual and Textiles

Asian inspired interiors should always be balanced. This is actually one of the most important decorating ideas in Asian themes. You need the right harmony of the colors and also of the textures and elements in a room that surround you. You can add some features easily such as glass partitions that slide, natural stone decorations, bamboo blinds and wooden floors plus some organic textiles.

Add a Water Feature

According to Feng Shui, the sound of flowing water is considered to be both positive and harmonious in any room. You can find a huge variety of indoor small water features in many designs. You can add a small water feature in your entryway, your living room or even in your backyard. Outdoor reflecting pools are an amazing addition to any home that have a calming influence on everyone who sits by them. If you want the ultimate interest in a water feature, then a koi pond is the way to go. You can add many varieties and colors of koi along with Asian inspired statues around the water feature and make it the focal point of a room or in your lawn.

Asian Fusion of Styles

Asian themes are in reality a fusion of several different styles. You need to decide which one you want to use in your home from the different styles. The Japanese design style is simple and minimalist that is closest to nature and its colors. This style usually results in a Zen feeling in your home. Traditional Chinese decor style is more expansive and opulent with regal reds, captivating jade, lavish gold and plush purple colors in textiles. The traditional Indian style of decor is a colorful celebration of life that showcases the traditional Indian motifs and cultural icons in a home. If you are creating a home with a fusion of these styles, you may choose the Japanese style in your living room and dining room and save the bright and indulgent Chinese designs and colors for the bedroom. The addition of a few art pieces along with rich textiles in an Indian backdrop gives you the true Asian style in your home.

Asian Lighting Ideas

Your lighting is important in all types of decorating styles so that it ties in with your theme. Asian lighting adds to the entire visual in a room and it can give you casual to elegant accents for your theme. For a less formal room, you can incorporate some lighted paper lanterns in a room. To make it an elegant room such as a formal dining room or formal living room, the sculptural lights in a nice design work really well. In addition, you can always place a few candles around a room strategically for a calming and romantic manner of lighting.

Organic and Sustainable Items

Asian style embraces all things that are natural, organic and sustainable. Smooth polished stones such as river rocks look wonderful in a simple glass vase placed on a table. Sustainable bamboo accents in your blinds or a lucky bamboo plant are great additions to your Asian theme. Weed, like most cultures, isn't a part of the asian theme, so perhaps a reel mower may come in handy here. Other items that work well with the Asian style are woven tatami mats, shrubs and potted plants to bring some of nature and its color palette to a room.

Natural Fragrances

To fashion a more authentic Asian theme, think beyond just the decor and add fragrance to a room. Sandalwood incense, a variety of scented candles and tuned wind chimes or copper wind chimes take the Oriental feeling to an entire new level. Add a few potted plants or shrubs inside in addition to the fragrances will turn your modern home into a serene and comforting area. A great example of this is several clear glass candleholders with an assortment of polished stones in the bottom. Then add a few lovely scented candles and bamboo plants on top of the rocks to tie all of the aspects in together.

How to Decide on an Asian Theme

The best way to decide if an Asian theme is for you is to start with a home that has cool neutral tones throughout it. You can test out the waters of Asian by adding some small statues of laughing Buddha, Asian scroll paintings, a few jade statues, decorative fans, oriental parasols, a room divider and throw pillows with Asian motifs. You can easily achieve this and won't need to make any large permanent changes in your home. These tips and ideas give you a platform for a starting point in adding some Asian influences to your home for a calming and quiet area that everyone will love.
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