The Automatic Home and Internet of Things: A Match Made in Heaven

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Ask any contractor about the future of their profession, and they will get excited about the possibilities and features ofthe automatic home. Likewise, any technology expert and app developer likely won't be able to stop talking about the Internet of Things (IoT). In fact, it may not be long until both of them will talk about the same thing. As it turns out, the automatic home and internet of things have (and will continue to gain) more in common than you may think.

The Automatic Home, Explained

We've discussed the possibility of automatic homes on this blog in the recent past. It's a relatively simple concept with a potentially complex execution, aiming to automate features within your house that range from voice-controlled lighting systems to motorized shades. Regardless of individual features, the idea remains the same: to make everyday living more comfortable and convenient.

The Nature of the Internet of Things

Reading that last sentence, anyone familiar with the 'Internet of Things' will begin to nod knowingly. It's a concept that has increasingly gathered steam in the past few years, aiming to expand internet capabilities to everyday household objects. That means refrigerators that can order new groceries as you run out, cars you can start via a command from your phone, security systems accessible from any online device anywhere, and more. The 'Internet of Things,' quite literally, means things that items previously not associated with the internet now becoming connected. The concept has not entered mainstream yet, but that doesn't mean it will not soon. The topic dominatedthis year's CES, the world's largest Electronics conference. At the CES, experts once again predicted why the IoT will soon make its breakthrough: convenience.

Finding the Overlap

To recap, the Automatic Home seeks to increase everyday convenience by automating previously static household appliances. The Internet of Things, on the other hand, seeks to increase everyday convenience by connecting previously isolated household items to the internet, to - you guessed it - increase their convenience. Comparing the two concepts directly, the overlap becomes clear: both offer the same key benefit to consumers, though they seek to accomplish it in slightly different variations. And yet, both can work together beautifully.

The Benefits of an IoT-enabled Automatic Home

After a long day at work, you leave your office. You get in your car for the commute home, and use the time at red lights to unlock your security system and open up your motorized shades - which were down, of course, to keep your house from heating up in the day's heat.   Once you get home, you find that you're low on milk to cook dinner - but lo and behold, your refrigerator noticed too, and an Amazon package with fresh milk is waiting at your doorstep. You make dinner, and soon thereafter head to your deserved night's sleep. You may forget to lower your shades, but don't worry - they know when it gets dark out, and when they should begin to lower yourself. As you lay in bed, you begin to appreciate the benefits of a truly automatic home. Of course, we're not quite there yet. But even simple benefits of features like motorized shades can help you get to the same feeling, easing your daythat's busy enough with the stress of everyday life and work. The automatic home is already becoming a reality. Atrue automatic home mayonly be accomplished with Internet-enabled devices, features, and appliances. The two concepts are truly a match made in heaven and while we have not quite reached that marriage yet, it's easy to imagine a future in which both concept blend into one, all focused on a singular benefit: convenience. In the meantime, automating your life and home can get you closer to that feeling of satisfaction and reducing of stress.
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