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The automatic homemay sound somewhat futuristic, but it's here now, ready to make your life easier. There are many different features you can control remotely or program in advance, from small appliances to overall home security. Motorized window treatments are being used in more and more homes for several reasons, among which are convenience, access and safety. With motorized window treatments, you can adjust the levels of several treatmentsat once, eliminating the need to walk around the room or the house to adjust each oneindividually. Motorization also allows you to open and close window treatments on ceilings or on high walls that you couldn't access manually. And finally, they're very easy to use for people with physical challenges, such as the elderly or handicapped, and you won't run the risk of pets or children getting dangerously tangled in hanging cords. Motorized window treatments can be controlled by wall switches, computers, or remote control units. Home theatersare even more enjoyable with automated controls. From the comfort of your chair, you can adjust the lighting and also open and close your motorized window treatments using your iPhone or iPad.silhouette_powerrisetwoone_livingroom_4 Your automated kitchen can respond to you without voice commands or remote controls of any kind. How about a coffee maker that turns on and starts brewing whenever you reach into the cabinet for a coffee cup? Or kitchen lights thatturn on automatically when you walk down the hall toward the kitchen? With specialized motion sensors, all this is possible and available today.And there's another option: if you're concerned that you may have accidentally left the oven or stove on, you can not only check its status with your computer, phone or other mobile device, you can also turn it off remotely. Voice commands in the automated home allow you to turn televisions, music, movies and indoor/outdoor lights on or off; you can even dim lights by percentages and choose the specific music selection or movie you want. All this without lifting a finger or getting up from your cozy spot on thecouch. Set a schedule for your appliances so they can get the job done at the time you want, whether you're home or not.   Overall home access - from major things like alarm systems to smaller elements like appliances - is easily achievable through voice or computer command systems. Log in to your home's system right from your computer and access specific things using either your browser or voice commands to turn lights on or off, adjust the temperature through your thermostat, open and close window treatments, or control any other number of automated systems. Not only will your home be walk-in ready for you at the end of the day, but with lights turning on after dark and window treatmentsclosing at the right time of day, burglars can't tell if no one is home - a great safety feature. Latest smart home system gives you comfort, convenience, and safety, visit to see it yourself. Intuitive automated systems don't require any contact - by device or voice - to take action. If you're on the run, traveling, or in meetings and don't have time to access the system yourself, you can set an "if/then" program that will react to whatever you've programmed it to do. For example, you can say, "If the temperature drops to 65, turn on the heat to 68 degrees." That way you don't have to give it a second thought all day. There are so many options and advantages to home automation, the possibilities and combinations are practically endless. New innovations are always being developed to make your life at home - and away from home - easier and safer than ever before.

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