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Redecorating your bathroom is a wonderful way to reinvigorate a sometimes boring space. While it may be costly to replace flooring or fixtures, you can change the look of your bathroom dramatically by giving attention to the windows. Here are some ideas for giving your bathroom a quick and easy facelift.

Privacy Matters

Depending on the placement of your windows and the proximity of your neighbors, you may be concerned mostly with protecting your bathroom privacy. If this is true in your case, consider adding beautiful shutters to your window. Easily opened when you want sunshine and fresh air, and closed when you need privacy, shutters create a clean, neat look for your bathroom space. If shutters are just not your style, rolling shades are a privacy-conscious choice. Unlike the shades your grandma had, modern rolling shades come in a variety of patterns and prints that will enliven your windows and add an interesting focal point for your bathroom. Wood blinds are another great choice to protect your privacy while providing a "wow" factor to your windows. Natural wood can complement a bathroom with earth tones, while a crisp white wood blind provides a clean, classic look.

When It's All About the Style

admin-ajax (1)When privacy is not necessarily an issue, there are many choices to make your windows stand out. Roman shades in tones and designs complementary to your flooring and fixtures can make a bold statement. As mentioned by experts from - If you are aiming for a soft country look, consider cafe curtains. Placing the curtains on the lower half of the window lets in plenty of sun, while providing you with a little privacy as well. Delicate patterns and soft colors give your bathroom a whimsical air. Woven shades work well with many bathroom designs. Giving your bathroom an earthy touch, woven shades also provide a simple, visually pleasing look. For a more high-style flair, sheer floor-length panels offer a dramatic statement while still letting in the sun. Beautifully done tie-backs add a touch of drama and allow for easy manipulation of the panels to achieve your desired look. If sheer is not your style, more substantial curtain panels can create an elegant look. If your bathroom is your sanctuary and you like to soak in your standalone tub, floor-to-ceiling panels in rich designs and fabrics can add that extra touch of elegance you want.   For a pulled together look, pair a beautiful shower curtain with a matching swag or valance. Choosing a multi-colored combination allows you to vary the look of your bathroom with several different colors of coordinating towels and bath sets.

Windows Make the Room

Regardless of the look you are trying to achieve in your bathroom, paying attention to your windows is a must. Fortunately, today's window treatments provide a wide variety of options from which you can choose. With a little forethought and planning, you can achieve the look you want at a price that is affordable. Customizing your window treatments allows you to make a dramatic statement and makes your bathroom unique and beautiful, providing the perfect oasis for your private time.
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