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Beach design is a complex area with many items to choose from in décor. It is basically anything you could imagine seeing at the beach combined with a display of nature for a cozy, warm feeling in your home. Beach design is very popular in master bedrooms, guest bedrooms, children’s bedrooms and every area of your home if you want to go all out. You can grasp beach design items from a description which is casual and peaceful, many coastal colors, furnishings that look worn by the time all in motifs of ocean life, beachfront fun, waves and sports that you play in the sea.

Sea Life Artwork

You can find many lovely paintings and framed portraits of sea life to add to any room. Crabs, coral reefs, seahorses, waves, and seashells are popular in the beach design.

Beautiful Bedding

An interior decorator can help you choose beach-themed custom bedding. Blues and greens, as the color of the ocean in lovely waves, make your master bedroom stand out in the world of design. This is an easy way to incorporate this style without overdoing it, as a bonus, you can change to other bedding to remove it.

Distressed Wood

Any type of distressed and worn looking wood is part of a beach design. Think of the driftwood that you find on an excursion on the beach. Most of the distressed wood is lighter in color to appear that it is sun bleached. You can use picture frames, bed headboards, side tables in any room without actually changing your furniture to match. Just don’t include any perfectly finished items or shiny items that would clash with the beach style.

Products of Nature

Use natural elements in beach design, such as seagrass, rattan, bamboo, and wood. You can use combinations of green from the seagrass with bedding or furniture upholstered in broad blue and white stripes to simulate the ocean.

Child’s Whimsical Bedroom

In your child’s bedroom, you can go all out beach design with lots of bright and fun colors. Hang brightly multicolored wallpaper on the walls and add a beautiful blue rug on the floor so it will seem as they step into the ocean when they exit the bed. You can also paint the bed in the light and dark blue with a wide blue and white stripe on the bedding. For a girl’s room, add pink sheets and pillowcases and for a boy’s room, you can use white or a very pale blue for the sheets and pillowcases. Think about adding a light fixture made of rattan to finish the look.

Add Sea Life to Any Room

Sea life is not only for paintings on the walls. You can add pieces of coral available in many colors that sit on any side table to brighten up a room. Many types and colors of fish along with seashells make a lovely centerpiece for a coffee table or a dining room table. Add some crystal candlesticks on either side of an arrangement on the dining room table to add beauty and warmth to your dinner with family and friends.

Distinct Mirrors

Beach-inspired design includes mirrors of all shapes and sizes. The natural theme includes oyster shells, seashells or coral of all different sizes surrounding the mirror in any room for a stunning focal point. If you are unable to find a much like this, you can easily create your own by attaching the elements with a hot glue gun to an existing mirror’s frame and adding additional layers to make it larger and more beautiful.

Red Corral

Beach design often incorporates red coral in any room. It can be a custom bed cover in any bedroom, or in throw pillows in your living room. In a bedroom, add a light blue and white striped sheet set to really tie in your beach theme. Red coral designer fabrics are stylish and freshen up a room.

Beach Design on Walls

Most beach designer rooms have light colored walls to set of the blue, green and red hues. However, you can purchase wallpaper in darker background colors with stunning fish on it to hang on a wall above a bedroom headboard, or to highlight a wall in any room in your house.

Other Beach Elements

You can mix and match colors in the blue palette as well as sandy brownish and white. The addition of a weathered surfboard on a wall or wall hangings of distressed wooden sharks is lively enough for a teenager’s room or any other room. Shark themes are a bit edgier than the other sea life creatures. Any room can be spiced up with a gallery wall of artwork. Gallery walls have many photographs on a wall that are evenly spaced in a grid. Generally, to pull off this look, you have more horizontal rows of pictures than vertical rows for a rectangular shape. You can use any types of sea creatures in subtle colors or mix and match them with brightly colored photos. The frames on each photo should be the same so they blend in together well.

A Statement Piece

You don’t have to go all out to have a beach feeling in your home. You may choose just one large oversized statement piece of wall art. Think of a photo or painting of driftwood on the sand with the beautiful sparkling sea in the background. Maybe you would prefer a photo of children making sandcastles on a bright white beach. The possibilities are endless for beach statement pieces.

Beach Dresser

Any type of dresser or piece of furniture with handles can be turned into a beach design by most anyone with a little DIY. Remove the handles and insert a piece of rope into both holes. Tie the ends in a knot inside the drawers or doors so the rope handles are functional and stay in place. Add some beach hardware on each side of the handles, such as starfish or seashells by just gluing them on for a fantasy dresser.

Shiplap Walls

Try a casual vibe with shiplap walls, blue hues, seashells and other adornments, such as sailboats for any space in your home. The shiplap goes well with a white and blue color scheme.

Fishing Nets

An inexpensive way to add a beach appearance is to purchase some netting in blue or paint it blue and hang it on a wall with a few shells and starfish or any type of sea life to it. When you hang it up, make about three long, gently drapes with it to appear authentic. The best thing about a beach design is that you don’t have to follow any steadfast rules when decorating with this style. It can be very subtle colors or super bright depending on your personality and what feeling you want to evoke. Basically, just have fun when doing a beach theme.
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