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Your company conference room is where your staff comes together and where you host clients. It should have fine furnishings, elegant decor, and above all else, complete privacy. Back in the day, privacy meant darkness, as blinds were pulled and curtains closed. But today, you can still achieve complete privacy while experiencing the uplifting feel of natural sunlight. Studies show that sunlight releases endorphin that can improve mood and stabilize emotional balance. Yet it does much more than that. Daylight improves the health of employees through better sleep, increased physical activity, and higher quality of life. Additionally, natural light in the office has been linked to increased work performance. Unfortunately, due to the highly competitive business market, companies cannot simply leave open their windows during important meetings. Managers cannot chance that passersby overhear private conversations or view sensitive information displayed on whiteboards or computer screens. The right window treatments allow organizations the best of both worlds: sunlight and privacy. To determine which blinds or curtains work best for your conference room, you’ll need to consider the following points:

  • The style of the room and the furnishings
  • The amount of sunlight available in the room
  • The number and type of windows
  • Whether you’d also like to lessen the sound in the room
  • Energy efficiency needs
  • Durability

Indoor Shutters

To add a classy style to your conference room, consider using wooden indoor shutters. Unlike blinds, that can be raised up and down, these window treatments are made from horizontal slats mounted onto a wooden frame, usually from solid hardwood. They are available in a variety of colors and stains to match your interior as well as in vinyl and composite wood. Shutters not only add to a contemporary style of a room, they also add to the energy efficiency of a building. The adjustable slats provide excellent light control, particularly when darkening a room for a presentation. The evenly-spaced, wide slats allow for plenty of sunlight, while effectively blocking the casual bystander’s view of the room.

Shades and Blinds

Shades are always a popular go-to option for conference room window treatments. They come in a variety of styles - including roller, vertical, cellular, and Roman shades - in addition to hundreds of colors and patterns from which to choose. Blinds are another common choice for window coverings and come in wood, faux wooden, and vertical blinds. Lighter colors of shades and blinds can allow for plenty of natural lighting while completely blocking the view from the outside. When combined with dark draperies, companies can ensure darkened spaces for computer or projection presentations and a light, yet private, area for sensitive business meetings.

Custom Draperies and Decorating Fabric

For a softer, more personal feel, draperies with a sheer fabric backdrop is still a wonderful option for conference rooms. Choose from literally thousands of fabrics and decorative trims and every drapery panel imaginable, including silk, cottons, and damasks. For a stately look, draperies are an ideal selection that can be pulled closed for darkness, or left open with shimmery fabrics distorting and disguising the view from the window.

Lighten Up Your Conference Room

The most important thing is that you keep in mind your two main points of contention: light and privacy. Dark woods or thick, deep-colored fabrics could block out too much light, making the room dim and dreary. On the other hand, sheer fabrics or open blinds may reveal more of your business meeting than you intended. Find a balance that works for you and your staff to ensure your company secrets are kept secret - even in the light of day.
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