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Roller shades were ordered back in the day. The traditional roller shades with a tassel cord and a scallop hem are still around and available today. But, there have been great innovative features for businesses utilizing a screen fabric or a screen shade. Decades ago, there were roller shades made of only stiff vinyl options that were not aesthetically pleasing in any manner. Today, shades can still operate in the same manner, as a roller shade, but you have fantastic options for light control and styles that were just not available in the past.

Stay Comfortable at Work to Improve Two Types of Efficiency

If your commercial office or restaurant has either cold air coming in the windows in the winter or warm air invading the office spaces in the summer, then you are lacking efficiency in two different manners. First and foremost, your employees or customers will be more efficient in their work, no matter what their position is when they are at a comfortable temperature year-round. It detracts from work when employees need to wearadditional layers in the winter, such as sweaters or push up their sleeves in the summer. It's a proven fact that temperature means a lot to your employees so they can get more work done proficiently. In the restaurant business, your customers are likely to stay around longer if they are comfortable in your establishment which might gain you more sales on food and drinks or at least some great work of mouth advertising for you. The second manner in which this is inefficient affects your bottom line. The energy efficiency of the newer types of window coverings can greatly decrease your heating and cooling costs all year round and allow your HVAC system to run less so it will actually last longer when not under stress of constantly being on, make sure you get assistance from experts at HVAC Orange CA. Nonetheless, that can be no excuse to not reach out to a couple of Accurate AC repair services if ever the HVAC system goes dysfunctional. Visit sites like or for additional guidance on HVAC systems and energy efficiency.

What are Roller Shades?

Roller shades refer to the operating system of a window covering. The most basic definition is that roller shades don't have slats or veins as blinds do but instead contain a sheet of material to cover the window and it is brought down by a roller function. It's a lot like a paper towel toll, when you pull down, the tube in the middle turns and the material grows downward in length. When you pull it in the opposite direction, the material re-wraps around the tube and becomes shorter as it travels upward. The roller operation is sleek and budget-friendly and the uncomplicated design allows for endless possibilities when it comes to fashionable fabrics and materials.

What are Screen Shades?

Screen shades are the most popular window treatment that you see everywhere today. The screen shade is absolutely fantastic. You have varying degrees of openness that range anywhere from 1 to 15 percent. The openness factor is one that allows a person to see outside while still having privacy and utilizing a covering for windows to control energy costs. The screen shades still handle privacy and heat control, but people can seeoutside when it's in the down position during the day. At night, the shades are private, but the more openness factor of the shade, the less privacy from the outside in a well-lit room. The openness factor comes into play in that the looser the weave is, the more light it lets in and the corresponding shade percentage it provides. For example, if a shade has a 5 percent openness factor it will let in less light and consequently interfere more with the view to the outside than a screen shade that has an openness factor of 10 percent. You can even purchase blackout screen shades that give you the best view but retain more heat while white shades retain less heat but are more easily seen through. Choosing an openness factor of a 3 or 5 percent value is the best of both worlds by serving the best purposes for both day and night.

Where Can I See Screen Shades in Use?

Businesses absolutely love screen shades for all of the options they have and the energy savings too. Panera Bread is a prime example of a restaurant in which we install screen shades. Companies such as Mecho, Springs, and Draper are some of the more predominant names in the commercial window covering industry to give you a maximum amount of options for your space. The fabrics come in various colors of white, off white, gray and black screen shades. Another great factor about screen shades is that it can be covered at the top with a fascia or a headbox to cover the rolled-up fabric on the roller mechanism at the top of the window casing. It is not necessary to have one of these, but most of the time customers do want them to have a neat and tidy appearance in their window coverings.

Other Options for Commercial Window Treatments

Most companies choose screen shades as one of the best options for commercial window treatments for their simple yet neat styling and the ability to go with any type of architecture and furnishings or decor. Anything you place over a window will help you with energy efficiency, but you need to remember to choose something that doesn't clash with your space. You can click here to view some ideas about how you could do that. In some instances, a 2-inch wood or faux wood blind or mini blinds might come to mind, but you should think of the aesthetics of the office too. The screen shade options allow everyone to still enjoy the beautiful view from a window that you most probably had to pay more for your lease because of the view. Putting mini blinds or wooden blinds would mask the entire view as you try to peer through the slats in blinds and if you lift them to see better all of the outdoor heat or cold will enter the office through the uncovered window. Customized screen shades work in every atmosphere no matter the size of the window or its shape. You can ask professionals like these honeycomb window shade services to know what's the best shade that will suit your area. Screen shades that operate as a roller shade are the best option for most any business to cover the windows, save you money on energy costs, keep customers or employees comfortable and look amazing all at the same time.
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