The Best Looks For Cellular Shades in Your Home

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People lovecellular shadesfor their modern looks and energy-saving properties. They're so futuristic, fresh and cool. So, when redecorating your house, cellular shades are a popular pick. But a homeowner wants to get the most out of the new shades. How do you work them in to their best advantage?

Room Type

The first step is to fit them in the rooms best suited to them. Cellular shades have a natural affinity for some spaces. The first is your bedroom. These shades look lovely behind a bed and drawer, and the clean lines give your sleeping space an inviting look. (Besides, there is nothing worse than a cold bedroom, and the cellular shade's natural insulating properties work wonders to keep you comfortable throughout the year.) The ability to keep places comfortable makes it a given for nurseries, too.Baby will be cute and cozy with a shade that blends into the soft look common in most nurseries. Another room that benefits from the elegant and warm look that cellular shades can supply is the dining room. Jewel-toned shades neatly drawn give a striking background to dining tables and chairs.

Window Type

Rooms with low ceilings are good candidates for cellular shades. Their clean edges make rooms look taller. Large rooms are also good candidates as the simplicity of the shade emphasizes the space available. They are particularly good on full-length windows as they effectively cover a window from top to sill. You won't have to worry about gaps messing up the lines of the room. The full coverage, plus the layered feel of these shades, give long windows a softened, warm appearance that your guests will love. Arched windows can benefit from the fan shape of a cellular shade. This will give the arched window an interesting color scheme as the shade darkens toward the center point on the bottom. They also look very chic on skylights. They can complement the ceiling texture and focus the eye on the sky.

Decor & Color

Once you have picked your room and your window, you will want to fit the shade in the general decor. You are in luck in this area. Modern and Art Deco decorating schemes complement the sleek design of a cellular shade, it is true, but that is not all. The simple, clean lines make an excellent backdrop to any French Country or Cottage look. Bright white shades can accent antique furniture and match a vintage look. Cellular shades can match the texture of your couch and give the room a uniform look. Throw in a few contrasting throws and you give your room a pleasant focal point.   Jewel colors and neutral colors look good in a range of looks when it comes to cellular shades. The jewel tones can make a window stand out in a living room or bedroom. Neutral ones can accent the other furnishings and the view. Possibly the coolest decorating possibility when it comes to cellular shades is that they can be set to close by going down instead of up. This gives you the opportunity to make a room look futuristic and frame the view from the window in a new way. You can look at the mountain tops without revealing your backyard in front of it. You can leave the top of the room free for artwork. Cellular shades come in a multitude of hues and styles, so you are free to mix and match throughout the house for a playful look or go for fancy effects. The elegant design gives you ample choices. When you next redecorate your house, try playing around with cellular shades. Your house will look smashing.
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