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Cellular window shades, also known as Honeycomb shades, are a beautiful addition to any room or home and can also save energy, which in turn saves you money. According to the US Department of Energy, the use of blinds or shades can reduce heat gain in the summertime or loss in wintertime, by around 45%, especially with the air pocket, air trapping design of these cellular shades.

Features & Function

Cellular shades are super-insulating, since the double pleated design traps pockets of air inside the shade itself, blocking heat from moving in or out while still allowing some light to break through. Those concerned withenergy costs often invest in cellular shades, whileclosed they allow more privacy and open increase light. Opening and closing vertically, rather than horizontally, they are easier to operate than most other window treatment options. They are also a betterchoice for motorized or automated systems. These shades also have a more modern look due to defined shapes and clean lines without the hard "slats" that often become bent or broken.

Makes & Models

Hunter Douglas is still a leading manufacturer of these blinds, but many window design houses and drapery dealers, like Sunshine Drapery,offer their own unique styles and brands. They come in a vast array of different colors, fabric choices and designs, including single and double-cell varieties.

Important Design Feature

The most common color scheme when creatingthese custom shadesis implementing a color choice on the interior with a solid white backing on the outside. The white exterior backing reflects light, reduces heat in the summertime, while many different color choices applied for the interior rooms compliment different room decor. In other words, you could conceivably have different color huesfor every room in your home, while the consistent white background gives your house a more uniform look from the outside. This is a good choice for homeowners with an HOA that often require this type of uniformity.

Go Wireless

The unique honeycomb design was actually invented in the 1985 by Hunter Douglasfollowing the energy crisis of the 70's and the cellular shades have had many upgrades over the decades. Options include a cordless feature that prevents people from tripping over cords or children becoming entangled, even strangling themselves in these cords.   There is another cord-free, night-and-day option that allows both choices of complete blackout and simple privacy available within the same shade. You can easily transfer between the two options with a simple slide of the finger. Obviously, this is only suitable for smaller windows that are easily accessible, within reach and windows that are inaccessible won't work for this choice.

Fabrics & Colors

Color and fabric choices seem endless, much in the same way paint and upholstery options come with a plethora of options available at your disposal. Compare it to going to a paint store with thousands of sample palettes, seeing a designer with multiple, thick books full of fabric choices. The same is true for blind choices. Choosing cellular blinds over traditional, outdated window treatment options will add beauty, value and curb appeal to your home.
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