Best Window Treatments for Windows That Are Close Together

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Window treatments come in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics, making it difficult to choose which ones you’d like for your home. Making matters more complicated, you may have rooms with windows that are close together, seemingly limiting your options for beautiful window treatments. However, below you’ll find a variety of selections that will work with multiple windows in a small space, leaving your room - and your home - as gorgeous as you anticipated.

Inside Mounts

For windows that are close together, yet still have their own separate frames, inside mounts are a great option. Mounting the blinds or shades inside the frame allows for a uniform presentation without the problem of overlapping hardware that can occur with outside mounting. Be sure to get exact measurements prior to ordering your treatments. You may choose to have the blinds or shades professionally installed to ensure that they are hung with a consistent appearance across all windows. The best choices for inside mounting are faux wood blinds, cellular shades, or bamboo shades.

One Large Shade

Instead of seeing the smaller windows individually, treat them as a single unit with one large or oversized shade. Imagine them as one expansive picture window, rather than several smaller ones for a more luxurious appearance. A single shade makes it easier to adjust light and privacy as you’ll only need to control one window treatment. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about lining up and matching the hardware for an even look, because you’ll only have one piece to install. For the simplicity of a single large shade on windows that are close together, consider Roman shades, roller shades, or vertical blinds.

Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Top down bottom up shades are sleek, modern, and versatile. These shades raise from the bottom like normal blinds, but also lower from the top to allow in sunlight while blocking out the view into your house from the sidewalk or street. When installed close together, you’ll end up with a unique, stylish look. Try raising and lowering these shades to different heights on adjoining windows for an interesting appearance from both inside and out. Look for cellular, pleated, or bamboo shades that are top down bottom up shades.

Easy Cleaning

If your main concern is dust and dirt, you may want to look specifically for window treatments that are easy to clean. Expect more dust to accumulate if you have pets or small children or if you open and close your doors and windows often. When reviewing your options for the best window treatments for windows that are close together, look for shades with minimal grooves or folds. Synthetic materials are less likely to be damaged by water and cleaning products. Ask for window treatment options that are less likely to stain or fade to make the cleaning process easier. Be particularly wary about cleaning your shades if your dealing with ones that cover rows of close-together windows, ones that occupy a large space within your home, and those on windows that are hard to reach. Your best options that are easy to clean include roller shades, vertical blinds, and faux wood blinds.


When researching the best window treatments for windows that are close together, know in advance the features and options that you prefer. In the end, these details can make or break an otherwise ideal choice for window treatments. Check and verify your measurements prior to ordering your blinds. Make sure that you are happy with your choice of color, pattern, or style. Consider whether the window treatments that you’ve chosen will match your home’s decor and your personal style. Ask questions or contact a professional sales representative if you have any concerns. Take advantage of the knowledgeable service available to ensure that you are 100 percent happy with your new window treatments.
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