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It's that time of year again to get all of the Winterstuff packed up, put away, and get the houseorganized. Start with these easy cleaning tricks and tips to get your home sparkling. Get your glass, wooden blinds,custom draperies, furniture, and floors twinkling and as good as new in no time.Custom drapes can finish the look of a room, but coated in dirt and dust from dogs and kids, they can get downright scary. Don't let harsh chemicals hold you back anymore. Try these tricks you may have never heard that will make cleaning, and revamping a total cinch!

Glass Cleaning

drapery_cleaningMother's oldest trick, never use rags (rags leave lint all over glass), try a squeegee, plain packing paper (the kind department stores wrap breakables in), or plain old newspaper for streak free windows and mirrors.

Wooden or Vinyl Blinds Cleaning

Blinds usually have about an extra foot of slats bunched up at the bottom. If any of the visible slats are broken, it's simple to replace them with one of the extra slats. Pop off the plastic stops on the bottom rail. Ease the bottom rail buttons off with care. The ladders and strings will be loose, untie them if they are knotted. You will be able to remove the rail and take the slats off of the ladders. As you remove the slats wipe them with a hot, wet rag. Keep a bucket of hot soapy water near by to rinse your towel. Remove and discard broken slats, clean all dirty slats, then put the slats back in the ladder, and thread the center cord back through the wholes in the blinds. Remember to put the rail buttons back in andtie up loose ends to keep everything secured.

Drapery Cleaning

Draperies should never be put into a dryer. This is one thing you'll want to have cleaned professionally.  

Floor Cleaning

Standard floor cleaners can be harmful to pets and children. Try mixing a quarter cup of distilled white vinegar with four cups of water. For tougher mess, add three drops of dish soap to your mixture. Add desired amount to a bucket of hot water, soak your mop in the bucket, ring the mop out, and mop. Make sure after mopping to dry your floors with an old towel.

Furniture Cleaning

Remove pet hair, and debris with the round brush attachment on your vacuum. For dirt or stains mix two drops of dish soap with hot water in a bucket. Soak and ring-out an old white hand towel, blot the area to lift dirt, rinse and repeat. Use a fresh (dry) towel to dry the area. Your home will be as shiny as a new penny after these safe, quick, and easy tricks.
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