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There’s a reason why jewelers cover their cases with black cloth after hours. While the really expensive pieces of jewelry are locked away in a safe, the less expensive items remain locked in the glass display cases. Typically, there are too many items for the business owner to move every night. While these pieces are cheaper, they still glitter, shine, and entice thieves who may not be experts on values. By covering these cases with black cloth, the old adage of out of sight, out of mind comes into play. This idea of what can’t be seen, is less likely to be stolen applies to all businesses and not just jewelers. Today’s economy has taken a hard hit and many people are out of work, and driven to desperate measures. Robbery is one of the unfortunate repercussions of hard times. When there’s no money to buy necessities, some people resort to stealing them or stealing items that can be sold to buy to the necessities. Sad, but true. The fact is that any business has equipment, machinery or merchandise that falls prey to theft. Whether it’s a copy machine, computer, power tools, go-karts, building materials, barbeque grills or beauty supplies, baby formula, or even kiddie pools, all are fair game for the unfair practices of thieves. A simple, fairly inexpensive theft deterrent may be the purchase and installation of black out drapes. Black out drapes incorporate the same basic principle of jewelers covering display cases; out of sight, out of mind. The difference being that by covering the windows, your entire office or business is kept from prying eyes and pry bars. In addition to being a theft deterrent, black out drapes reduce utility bills by saving on both heating and cooling costs. These drapes block the sun’s rays from entering the windows and turning the office space into a greenhouse. In the winter, they prevent heat from leaving the building through drafty windows. Black out drapes create a win-win environment regardless of the season.   Black out drapes also provide privacy. Depending on what business is going on, black out drapes can be a crucial part of security when it comes to keeping ideas, prototypes, this year’s designs or architectural models a secret from competitors. They will also keep things secret until the big display is ready to go up. Think of all the secrecy surrounding Super Bowl ads or runway fashions, or political announcements and you’ll get an idea of how important black out drapes can be. If your business isn’t quite in the same league as those doing Super Bowl ads or fashion designs, there are other benefits to black out drapes. They prevent sun damage and fading of carpets and furniture. Check with afarm insurance to see if these drapes can garner a discount as a security device. Another perk of having black out drapes for your business is that it give the office a feeling of Las Vegas because what happens at work stays at work, if no one can peek inside to see it.

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