Top 5 Tips on Dressing Up Your Home with Black Curtains

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Dark Drapery Panels or Black Curtains Provide a Dramatic Appearance

Many homeowners across the globe are terrified of using black curtains for window coverings, but when used in the correct manner and paired with other items, they can create the most dramatic rooms in your home.

Dressing up Black Draperies

You have a huge amount of options in dressing up your black draperies no matter if you are choosing new window treatments or if you are simply considering a change to your already dark color palette in your home. Read on to learn of the many ways to use black and dark colors in your decor.

Why Choose Black for Interior Design?

Dark colored window treatments are a great manner in which to create an inviting and comfortable home and this is also a great showstopper. Black draperies bring along with them a host of advantages and they are available in different fabrics, which are different thicknesses, and in addition, an entire spectrum from blackout drapes to lovely sheer panels with varying shades of black. A living room or bedroom with light pastel blue walls paired with black drapery panels can truly seem spellbinding.

Flattering Large Home Areas

Since black is a dramatic color it fits very well in large areas and spaces of your home. Airy interiors can be anchored without overwhelming the entire setting. Living rooms and family rooms with double-height or two story windows, luxurious bedrooms and formal dining rooms are all a perfect area for black drapes. If you happen to have an open floor plan home, the black curtains can delineate spaces while creating a unique backdrop to separate areas. Black drapery panels also work well to separate areas such as glass doors that connect a living room to the outdoor patio and to provide privacy inside at the same time.

The Balance of Dark and Light Together for Bedrooms

There is no doubt that black drapes coupled with light and airy white sheer curtains are a huge hit in the contemporary bedroom. This is a very classy and upscale combination that is aesthetically pleasing as well as it performs double duty. The sheers lie closest to the window and you can draw the black drapery panels to each side to allow soft filtered light inside your bedroom during the day. At night, you can close the black panels for privacy. If you choose heavier fabric for your black drapery panels, they will also help to insulate your home in the winter and keep the cold air at bay for a cozy effect. In the summer months, the black draperies will recede into the backdrop.

Neutral Rooms Love Black

In a neutral room that is mostly white or off-white on the walls with a bit of gray or black sprinkled around in the furniture, wall hangings, lamps, floor rugs and accent pillows, black draperies will be a HUGE hit and stand out well. They offer a great contrast in any room with neutral colors. They can create interesting focal points and complement other pops of black color in the entire room to bring it all style in a backdrop that is both versatile and timeless. This allows all your colorful accents and wall art to shine through.

Dark and Sheer Beauty

Another approach that is used often in industrial, minimal and contemporary settings is the use of black sheer drapery panels. Most people immediately think of white or an off-white color when they hear the words sheer draperies. However, you can find any color and shade of color you wish in a sheer fabric when you make good use of an interior designer with all types of fabrics available to them. Sheer black curtains or draperies can sweep you off you feet when used in the right setting as they filter the light coming in your windows and they can create a glowing effect around the edges of the windows.

6 Tips on Dressing up Your Black Curtains or Draperies

The simplest manner to dress up your black drapery panels is to add colorful tiebacks to the sides. This will add a splash of color and lighten the mood. You can choose a pattern with just a bit of black in it or a solid color that you love in a bright and vibrant hue. Any solid color will work fine, but it works much better if you choose a color that you already have in the same room on furniture, throw pillows, rugs or accessories.

#1. Vivacious Valances

You can add a bright colorful valance to the top of your black curtains to dress them up and add a lot of interest. The combination of tiebacks and a new valance in the same color will tie them all together nicely. Instead, if you have a black valance on top of your black drapes, you may decide to change up the valance a bit by adding some neon bows to it or a lacey overlay to break up the black and add a pattern to it. Beaded curtains over the valance or the drapery panels themselves add a lot of interest. You can choose colored beads for a dramatic approach or clear beads to reflect light and show your guests some sparkle. Instead, you can also choose a sequin overlay for the ultimate in sparkle.

#2. Playing With Light

You can also add light on a black drapery by adding some small mirrors to the edges of the valance. You can use water-soluble glue on fabrics that can be laundered or if your fabric is dry clean only, you can use removable adhesive poster strips. Make certain to test a spot in an inconspicuous place first before completing your project.

#3. Shades and Blinds

If you don't have a window shade or blind in the window behind your black drapery panels, you can add one to lighten the color palette. Mini blinds now are available in a multitude of lovely colors and slat sizes from which to choose. Roman shades and roller shades are available in just about any color and pattern you can imagine to dress up your dark draperies.

#4. For The Crafty Homeowner

If you are quite crafty, you have many different choices. If you already have a roller shade, you can add wallpaper in any type of color or pattern to it. If you want a holiday theme, you can add gift wrap to it. Instead, you may like a patterned sheer if you don't already have a shade or blind in the window. Any sheer fabric such as organza, tulle, netting or chiffon works very well to soften the dark color. If you can't find a patterned sheer that you truly love, you can create your own by stamping, tie-dying or even hand painting a sheer to have your very own one-of-a-kind and unique window treatment.

#5. Adding Edging

Another easy manner to lighten up your black drapes is to add an edging of some sort to the drapery panels or the valance. You can iron-on ribbon with fusible interfacing to create a dramatic edge or craft vertical or horizontal stripes using the same method. A rich jacquard ribbon will evoke a different feel than a grosgrain or moiré ribbon, just as a complex design will produce a different aesthetic than a simple one. You can use this technique to transform your black draperies into an Art Deco masterpiece!!

#6. Rod Pocket Decor

You can dress your black window treatments with rod pocket decor. This idea works no matter what type of headers or the manner of hanging your drapes are. You can choose a lovely silk floral with leafy or flowering vines and pin them to the bottom of the header on the valance to give a lot of interest at the top of the height of your windows. This gives you a more natural and woodland feel to the room. If you really want to get back to nature, you can instead try grapevines and attach them in the same manner for a rustic appearance. You have an incredible amount of options when you start with black drapery panels. You can dress them up or down in a variety of ways to fit your changing mood or decor. In fact, black drapery panels may be the most versatile of all.
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