Bring Back the Romance: Decorating Bedrooms with Draperies and Bedding

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With custom draperies and bedding, your bedroom is unlike any other. It could never be found in mass-produced products because the style, color, and fabric is yours. It is an expression of you. How to start? You only need to let your imagination run wild, then give us a call!

Custom Drapery

Clean, airyblinds are beautiful and stylish, but if you want a lush feeling of opulence and romance,decorating bedroomwindows with draperies cannot be beat. Draperies soften and enrich the bedroomwhile adding warmth and sensuality. The light travels along the folds of the draperies, givingthe full range of the fabric's colors and tones, while adding depth to the room and enhancing the colors in your furnishings. Draperies help the room stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Custom draperies could be formal swags with sumptuous trim, such as Marie Antoinette would have had in her bedroom. Cleopatra might have had light white silk panels covering herwindows, with jewel-tone velvet panels gathered at the sides. And certainly, any harem needs lush silks, embroidered fabrics and pillows galore. Where does your imagination take you?Victorian splendor? Jazz age modernity? African safari? Your bedroom can be a stage for the theater of your evenings. admin-ajax (3)Our custom draperies and panels are available in any fabric your heart desires: silks, damasks, cottons, suede and many more. The look can be modern, retro, any time, any place. Our experts help you choose the lengths and widths that enhance your living space and give you the environment you dream of. Sunshine Drapery and Interior Design has literally thousands of fabrics and trims for you to choose from. If you have a basic idea of what you like, our decorators can bring swatches to you at the initial complimentary consultation. If you need ideas, we have a gallery of fabric samples, or we can work with photos you like from magazines or books, or we can show you work we have done for other clients.

Custom Bedding

Your bed is likely the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, and we offer custom bedding services to make sure that it is a perfect centerpiecein your enchanted enclave. And we can help ensure that the bed suits your purposes, for example, many people who like to read in bed want a padded, upholstered headboard. Do you breakfast in bed, or watch TV? We can help you choose the styles that fit your needs. Many people love the look of a canopy or sheer fabric draped from a four-poster bed. Others love layers of European pillows and comforters. Let us help you realize the look you love. Our designers can help you choose the perfect fabrics to compliment your furnishings, your walls and draperies, and your lifestyle. We can help if you would like your bedroom to set off artwork, a collection of antique lace or a gallery of photographs. We can make your family heirlooms sparkle in a setting created just for them. We can help you create a unique haven of tranquilityor a lushboudoir in a timeless fairy tale.
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