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You might be surprised by what a bit of fabric can do for a space. The right drapery picked out for an area can add so much warmth, brightness, and even coolness to a room. Drapery is used in rooms for two main reasons: To soften and define the space as well as to frame a view. Let's focus on the first reason. Installing drapery gives the opportunity to add more depth and texture to a space. Some spaces would benefit from a soft sheer material, while others might lean more towards rough linen, or perhaps even distressed velvet. When adding this fixture to a room, look around and consider what would fit the space the best and plan accordingly. 27758c7b4c3b1f67977a58c7e1b664b0.7368173903dbf00f9b86be8dc9f8a7c1If you're not entirely sure of the difference between the fabrics, here is an example:

  • Sheer fabric is more feminine in nature. It is soft and flows lightly and delicately. Adding sheer fabric to a space will give it a soft, possibly romantic feel.
  • Distressed velvet is somewhat of an opposite of sheer fabrics. Distressed velvet is a little more masculine in nature and will add a sense of intimacy to a room.
  • Rough linen will instill a since of formality to a room and is often favored for kitchen/dining areas as well as for studies and home libraries.
  Onto our next topic; the eye loves a good view, we as a species are drawn to scenes of natural majesty. Expertly picked draperies will add to a scene by framing it nicely. Additionally, draperies can also be used to hide less-majestic views from sight, letting our minds fill it what wonders could lie just beyond the carefully color-schemed curtain. Additionally, well designed drapery can be used to offset or hide ill-placed windows, give the illusion of height to a low ceiling, and extend a wall. In all, the use of drapery in home design is a powerful and multi-functional tool. By making use of and mastering the process, one can improve on a space almost tenfold with the use of drapery alone.
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