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A happy kitchen makes for a happy home. Historically speaking, the kitchen is where everyone congregates when a group arrives. It doesn’t matter what the event if any, but the kitchen draws people like honey draws bears or flames draw moths. Perhaps, it’s the aroma of good food cooking or the comfort of childhood memories of sitting around the kitchen table. It could be out of sheer practicality. If you want to have a conversation with the host or hostess, you need to be where he or she is. Sometimes, a person is drawn to the kitchen to lend a hand. Whatever the reason, people crowding into a kitchen is a fact. New homes are built with an open concept floor plan where the kitchen flows into the dining and living rooms in order to accommodate large numbers of people for entertaining without isolating the cook. Whether your home has a kitchen in a separate room or an open floor plan, it’s still possible to have a happy kitchen. The key is to create an ambiance that welcomes guests (and helpers) to the space. A clean, color coordinated look is one way to do so. While most people are aware of the cleanliness factor, not as many know about the coordination element. Coordinating colors and styles in a kitchen fashion an effective invitation to guests. Fresh paint is a good beginning. Light, neutral colors are best. From this neutral palette, choose curtains with a touch of color for a desired contrast. Buy additional curtain panels and use them to reupholster your chairs for a coordinated, designer look. Select kitchen towels, placemats, napkins and kitchen accessories such as small kitchen appliances, about which you can you can check here, a tea kettle or even refrigerator magnets in a bright, cheerful color that either match or contrast the touch of color found in the curtains or seat covers.   By using inexpensive accessories to provide the color in an otherwise neutral room, it’s possible to change up the color scheme as season or whim dictates. Who can resist a holiday themed kitchen whether that holiday is Halloween, Christmas, Easter, the start of baseball or football season? There are no limits to where your imagination can take your kitchen! If the kitchen is where you spend the majority of your time, then decorate it in the way that makes you happy. If the cook’s happy, then so are the guests, and once you've lured them in, it’s possible to put them to work! Whatever the reason for wanting company in the kitchen; be it free labor, good conversation, or fellowship, make happiness the bait that lures them in. You may have trouble getting them to leave!

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