What Your Window Treatment Color Says About Your Personality

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Have you ever thought of what makes your home unique from all others and reflects your own style and personality? Colors that you use in draperies and window treatments as well as your colors in accent items are what make your home yours.

Color Psychology Explained

Different colors are great for evoking different feelings in your home. They affect your mood and level of alertness in each room that you enter. There are hundreds of variations available in custom drapery fabrics from very light to very dark colors too. The main colors to describe your personality are discussed below.


Blue is a very calming and serene color that promotes relaxation. It has coolness and clarity as well as it shows intelligence. Darker shades of blue may be more of a sad color, whereas the lighter and brighter shades are very calming. Blue draperies are a great choice for a person who is very busy at work and stressful so that when they arrive home, they can have a soothing environment that is peaceful. Using blue colors in your kitchen can calm a host or chef who is stressing out over a meal.


Green is nature’s natural palette of color. It is associated with nature, new growth, balance in your life, peace, and harmony. Green hues in your window treatments evoke calm and quiet much as blue does, but it is also an energizing color. This color is great for your personality if you are struggling to find balance in your life.


Orange is a very energetic and happy color tone. It can stimulate you both physically and emotionally in your life. People that are optimistic and happy enjoy the bright and joyful tones of orange to reflect their outgoing personality and love of life. Orange is often used as a kitchen color where you socialize with friends and family over meals and have a lot of energy.


Pink is a feminine color that is linked to great happiness, friendships and a child like quality in your life. If may remind you of the times in your past when you had few decisions to make and life was all about having fun each day. Pink can feed your inner child and help you to achieve a bright and fun atmosphere in your home.


Purple is a color that is linked to a person with great creativity. It also is a color that symbolizes luxury and royalty and was used by kings for their robes and regal chairs while they reigned over their people. Any person that is creative in any manner, such as a craftsman, designer, painter or crafter can allow their creative juices to flow in a room with purple window treatments.


Red is a very stimulating color that symbolizes energy, warmth, passionate and an emotional intensity. Red is a good color if you are outgoing and intense to increase your level of alertness in a particular room. Red tones are often used in kitchen window treatments to symbolize the color of spices.


Shades of yellow evoke happiness and warmth as sunshine does. It is a very optimistic color associated with opportunities in your future. Yellow shades promote confidence and increase your creativity level. Yellow is a stimulating color for living areas and kitchens in any shade. If you choose to have yellow draperies in your bedroom, you should probably choose a light yellow hue to make it a restful room instead of producing over stimulation and disrupting your sleep.
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