Warming Up Your Home With Spring Colors

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After a cold winter is passing and you have kept your home closed up tight to stay warm, you can add décor to brighten up your home and prepare for spring. Spring decorating colors include demure, pastel colors as well as very bright colors found in many types of flowers. Decorating fabrics give you a huge range of spring colors, patterns and add texture and depth to your home furnishings.

Paint for Spring

Any room can benefit and brighten with a new coat of paint. Choose a spring color such as light yellow, blue, green or purple. In a larger room, such as a living room or dining room, you can choose to start interior painting project only one wall with a darker or brighter color palette to make an accent wall in the room. Smaller rooms pop with color when at least two opposing walls are painted in spring colors. You can also extend the makeover to your home's exterior with the help of a commercial exterior painting contractor or a full-service residential painting company. After choosing your paint color, add accents to any room in a patterned fabric with your paint color in it. You can reupholster dining room chairs and living room couches for accents. Adding several throw pillows to your couch helps to look very inviting to guests to sit down and visit for a while. The addition of matching window treatments also can tie in your spring colors. Choose a roman shade, a sheer drapery or a beautiful top window treatment such as a valance or cornice to complete your spring décor.

The Ombre Paint Effect

This type of paint mixing is a fairly new concept in decorating, which is explained here in detail. It creates a focal point in any room. For a spring Ombre paint effect, choose a color to match other décor in a room. This effect works well on entertainment centers, bedroom dressers, armoires as well as on smaller end tables of any sort. You start by painting the bottom third in the original color. Next, add some white paint to the original color and paint the middle third of the object. Finally, add the same amount of white again (so in total the white is doubled) and paint the top third of the object. This concept works great with bright and dark colors as well as pastels to achieve a new look in your home.

Table Covers

The simple addition of a table cover can really make a room much brighter. You can choose any solid color or patterned prints from decorating fabric to add to bedroom side tables, dining room tables and couch end tables in your living room. Highly textured fabrics give a room much more depth; where as light fabrics evoke feelings of springtime breezes.

Living Rooms and Dining Rooms

Redecorate your living room or dining room in pastels, floral and seasonal accents. Add different window treatments to brighten these rooms and consider a wall mural. Wall murals with floral patterns or sports wallpaper for walls are available in many coordinating colors. They are easy to install with a sticky backing that you remove and smooth them onto a wall of your choosing. Consider painting a pair of lamp bases in a matching color for large rooms with a shade of green, which is nature’s spring color. If you have a wall in the living room or dining room to display family portraits, you can re-paint the frames in spring colors of yellow, green, pastel blues, pinks and purples to accent the room.

Springtime Bedrooms

Brighten your master bedroom or a guest bedroom by choosing bright and patterned decorating fabric to add to your upholstered headboard. You can add matching window treatments in sheer drapes or a top window treatment. A bed skirt to match the headboard really ties the components in. You might want to brighten bedrooms further by painting bedside tables in a highly metallic color for some shine.

Spring Color Combinations

You can mix and match just about any color for spring decorating. A solid color in one area with accents in a plaid, chevron or floral patterns works great together. Lavender and pink work well together just as blues and greens do. As long as you stick with the same hues, such as in the bright area or the pastel area, you can customize all rooms of your home to brighten up for the coming of spring.
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