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You may be looking for ways to update your dining room. At the same time, you don’t want to sink a large amount of money into your project. Why not add new window treatments to your dining room windows?

Anything you decide on may need to be sized for your windows, whether they are bay windows, tall, narrow or wide. Next, decide what kind of “feeling” you want to engender in family, friends and visitors. Cozy and intimate? Welcoming? Classic? Whatever you are seeking for your dining room windows, you’ll be able to find it after doing a little browsing, pricing and comparing.

From sheers, curtains and drapes all the way up to Shaker-style shutters, you have an almost endless set of choices to make. Enlist your family and ask them for their preferences. You may need to let everyone know that the majority rules.

Look at your dining room as it currently looks. Take in the color(s), furniture styles, paint color and the color of your current window treatments. Next, what do you see outside your dining room window? A few trees? Playground equipment? A colorful garden? Or maybe an outdoor dining area?

Depending on the scenery framed by your dining room window, you may want to make that a part of your scenery. You may have decided that privacy is going to play a big part in your new dining room window’s look—if you have nosy neighbors and you’re tired of trying to shut them out, then your new window treatment should ideally help to keep your mealtimes and even homework times as private as you need them to be.

“Not Everyday” Blinds

When you consider blinds, don’t stop at the vanilla-white mini-blinds or even the vertical style of blinds. Upgrade your thinking a little! Study wood blinds (including their prices). Wood blinds can add some style and sophistication to your dining room without breaking the bank account.

If this seems like a good idea for you and your family, start thinking about finishes, such as mahogany or a lighter finish. You may want a glossy finish or a matte one. Cleaning them won’t be too difficult, either.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are shades with a permanent fold on the bottom. When you raise them, they form into multiple folds that give your dining room an attractive look. If your goal is to keep snoopy gazes from entering your home, you may want a heavier, slightly darker fabric.

If your dining room isn’t placed on the west side of your home (so hot in the afternoon), then a lighter fabric may suffice. If it is on the west side, choose a Roman shade with light-blocking fabric. Just keep in mind that this type of window treatment isn’t well-known for energy efficiency. Also, to clean them, all you need to do is attach a wand attachment and vacuum dust away.

Pleated Shades

Pleated shades are simple. While they draw attention to your dining room windows, they won’t dominate either the windows, the view or the room.

Pleated shades are made using one piece of fabric that has been formed into crisp (dare we say, “ironed?”) pleats. They are excellent for privacy, as even with a lighter fabric color, it will be impossible for anyone to snoop on you and your family. That lighter color will allow some light to come in; a darker fabric color keeps excess light out.


You may be set on curtains of some type. If you enjoy the sight and feeling of sunshine being filtered in through a set of white or pastel sheers, then buying something that complements the colors in your dining room may add the look you’ve been wanting.

Sheers add an airy, delicate look to any room where they’re being used. Also, if you still need privacy, it’s possible to pair them with a heavier, opaque set of drapes. Close the sheers and open the drapes for more sunlight. Close the drapes and keep the sheers closed to keep snoopy eyes out.

Solar Shades

The name “solar shades” says it all. This type of window treatment helps to reduce harmful UV rays and glare, preventing items in the dining room from suffering any sun-related damage.

Here, you have a wide array of fabrics and textures, even hemp or bamboo. Fabric in your desired colors or shades are also an option. Whatever you choose, it should be easy to clean with a wet cloth so your shades look just like they were installed.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are ideal for public rooms of your house, such as your dining room. This shutter style will let in lots of light because the slats are set more widely apart than in other shutter styles. Again, if your dining room isn’t subjected to the excess summer heat, then this window treatment may be a good choice for you.

When they are installed, you can choose a single pair of shutters to cover your dining room window. Or choose the double-hang shutters, which have four shutters for the entire dining room window. Add ten points if you plan to sell your home in the next few years—plantation shutters are a good selling point.

Cafe-Style Shutters

Think of a Parisian cafe, where the shutters are drawn, protecting you from the sun’s glare. If this appeals to you, then cafe-style shutters may be a good option for your dining room window treatments. These are ideal for kitchens and dining rooms, as well as any room of your home where you want to block out a less-than-desirable view—or prying eyes.

When they are closed, cafe shutters block out excess light. You can also pair them with curtains over them to block out even more light.

Shaker-Style Shutters

These are solid panels installed on the inside of your dining room window. They are excellent for shutting out wild winds and storms. They also block out all light due to their design. They have no slats and very few seams.

Shaker shutters are excellent for dining room windows and larger rooms. Because they close everything out, a smaller room may feel too closed-in when they are shut.

If you want to allow some light in while the shutters are closed, put in a Shaker shutter on the bottom and slatted shutters for the top. Depending on the side of the house where your windows and dining room are located, this may be a good solution. . . or it will look too busy.

With this introduction of window treatment styles, it’ll be easier for you and your family to discuss options, look around, pick an installer and set the money aside.

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