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We get asked this question frequently and we wish there was a simple answer! First, let us just say that for the price of reupholstering a piece of furniture, you as the consumer can most likely find a new piece at the same and possibly less money.

Less money does not always mean good quality

As the owner of Sunshine Drapery, I remember many years ago that when my stepmother passed away and my father moved out of our home in University City, he had to eliminate several items because they all did not work or fit in his new condo in west county. My two older brothers and I swooped in like many young people do and “helped” my father by taking “things” off his hands. I “inherited” two very well made chairs from the living room that were in top condition. The fabric was outdates and it behooved me to recover these chairs. Now my situation was different because I of course got these chairs for free from my father. But, the point is that even if I had not received these free, the construction and worth of these pieces just made more sense for me to recover the chairs. Being in the decorating business, I picked a fabric for these chairs and then changed out our formal dining room seats in the same fabric since the room was adjoining. I had some cornice boards made up with a solid complimentary fabric and added shells in the same fabric as the chairs and reupholstery.   Thus, my entire room was transformed and it all started with reupholstering my chairs. Sunshine Drapery is a window covering company specializing in custom draperies, blinds, shades & shutters. But, we are also a full service interior design company and have reupholstered many seats, cushions, chairs, sofas, and more. Visit one of our many locationsto begin your process or call us for a complimentary appointment.
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