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We take the guesswork out of creating your perfect bedroom and relieve you of the worries that it may not turn out quite as you planned. Our experts can help you to achieve the perfect look for your custom bedding based on your preferences and our expertise. Your master bedroom should be comforting and conducive to sleep for a good night’s rest. Guest bedrooms should also be an extension of your style for your company to be comfortable at night.

Questions to Answer for the Best Custom Bedding

Our skilled designers will need to know a few things about your preferences to help you choose the perfect scheme and colors for your bedroom. Decide what you love and what you dislike about your current bedroom attire. This gives a designer an insight to your preferences. You should tell your designer what your favorite colors are to start the decision process. If you have a picture of a bedroom that you really love, show it to your designer. We can duplicate the look or suggest something along the same lines for your abode. You should also have a budget in mind for your designer to work with and an approximate date on when you want your new bedroom designed. Many people decorate for the holidays when loved ones are coming in from long distances to spend several nights with them.

Choose a Color Scheme or Design

There are very many types of styles to choose from when redecorating your bedroom. Some popular themes include the traditional farmhouse bedroom done in shades of country blue and white. This is a very comforting design for any master bedroom or guest bedroom. It can also be accomplished in hues of green and white or pink and white. Another traditional style is to have shades of gold and white, tans, grays and off white with a splash of color in the pillow shams, draperies and the headboard. A mountain getaway style is reminiscent of a trip you may have taken and stayed in a cozy hotel room. It includes small graceful prints and a muted color palette for a quiet and peaceful room. The seaside or beach theme usually incorporates shades of blue and white with another brighter color for an accent piece in your bedding of perhaps a green color. These are just a few of the bedroom themes you can choose from to update your bedrooms.

Solid Colors and Patterns

The nicest bedding includes some solid colors and some pattern. Popular patterns are paisley, florals, seasides and stripes in varying sizes. The solid colors are generally chosen after the pattern so you can build on the foundation of the color you choose in the pattern. You can actually choose two coordinating patterns with some solid colors.

Bedroom Décor Layers

Adding layers to your bedroom furnishings gives it the custom designer appearance that you crave. Custom designed bedrooms include a dust ruffle or bed skirt at the bottom for a flowing appearance that is soft. A duvet cover or a non-quilted throw adds style without heaviness to your bedroom. Comforters can be fluffy and thick for the ultimate in warmth at night or you can choose a traditional bedspread. The addition of items on top of the bed is what ties in the final look along with window treatments to match to make the bed your focal point in your bedroom. You can add Euro pillow shams, neck rolls, bolsters, and several accent pillows in coordinating colors. The addition of a table skirt in the same pattern as a throw pillow or a dust ruffle makes a great accent. Add a custom headboard and recover a chair in your room to match it for the perfect finished appearance.

Why Use Custom Designers

When you choose a custom designer for your bedroom, you can rest assured that the bedding will be a perfect fit. If you are confused about the right bed check out this article: Do You Need A Special Mattress For An Adjustable Bed? // A No Bull Guide. Trying to mix and match items from stores can be a disaster as the colors may not be quite the same and will make your bed look mix matched in design. We measure your bed to make certain all of the bedding is a perfect fit. There are many mattresses thicknesses on and all sheets and bedding may not fit your particular choice. We can adjust the size for your thick mattresses of any material and the addition of a mattress topper that adds inches to the height.
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