Trends in Home Decor: Novel Window Treatments for Every Window

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Windows come in all shapes and sizes these days, and coming up with inventive ways to enhance them that works with both windows and decor can be quite a challenge. Looking at a few of the newest trends in window treatments can both inform and inspire you ...

A Uniform Look

An open floor plan can present some window dressing challenges. To keep the look cohesive and flowing, it's a good idea to choose a single window treatment style for your home, at least in the open portion. Choose one style and one color and use it on every window. Roman shades are a classic choice -- they look great with any style of decor and you can always add curtains on top of them if you feel the need to change things up in cooler seasons, for example.

Odd Shapes

Oddly shaped windows can also present a problem. What do you do with an arched or slanted window? What about an octagonal-shape? A great option for an arched window is a louvered shutter. They can be custom-made for a professional fit, and look almost like part of the architecture. In other words, they don't detract from the interesting shape in the least, yet offer you the privacy and sun protection you need. Another option for an arched window is to just ignore the arch and hang a cafe curtain over the lower half only. This leaves the arch exposed but gives you privacy at eye-level. For a slanted window, try hanging drapes with medallions to follow the slant. Granted, this is more for decoration than anything else -- for privacy, a custom-made blind or shades is one way to achieve it. Bear in mind that interior designers and curtain makers can solve the oddly shaped window problem in a variety of ways. Both are very experienced in creating window treatments for the most awkwardly shaped or unusual window dilemmas imaginable. Ask for their help!

Master the Light

Controlling light is often a tricky problem in a room that becomes very bright at certain times of day. A neat solution is to use motorized up-or-down shades or blinds. The versatile movement allows you to control the amount of light you want as the sun moves across the sky.


When privacy is an issue, such as in a bathroom or a bedroom, consider a cellular shade. They let light in, but block the view from the outside allowing for maximum privacy. Their honeycomb design also keeps cold out and heat in, a welcome feature, especially when bathing. If your bathroom has a great view, it seems a shame to have to cover it up with anything, yet you still need privacy. One unusual but effective solution to keep the view but still maintain your privacy is to install a semi-opaque, printed screen. Problem solved! Motorized window treatments are great for a bedroom -- you can control privacy from bed! Motorization is not an inexpensive option, so if you can only afford a few motorized window treatments, put them in the bedroom. You won't regret the decision! Just for Looks If privacy is not an issue and you just want windows to look finished, your choices are almost limitless. Valances are a handsome option, as are stationary shades or drapes. For a really elegant room, try swags with sheers. And sometimes, it's fun to think outside the box and take a risk. One way to do that is to choose one fabric or pattern, but mix up the styles. Try draperies on one window, and roman shades on another for example. You can always ask an interior designer for advice on how to do this, if you like the overall effect!
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