Decorating Basement Windows isn’t Necessarily about Fabrics

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Now that you've decided to finish the basement or even remodel the existing area, some thought should be given to the reason for the refurbishment. The basement could serve as extra family room containing a media room or a gaming room. Perhaps a family member could use the space as an apartment. Elderly parents sometimes need a home with loved ones near. With each of these scenarios, you will be planning space constraints, colors, textures and furnishings. Have you considered the basement windows? Depending on the reason for the basement finish, decorating basement windows will play a big part. Before you start any major renovation work in the basement though, you should look out for signs of foundation issues that require immediate attention from a basement repair and foundation repair contractor.

The Basement as a Family Room

Basement windows come in different sizes, from wide and slim to ordinary double-hung to casement windows of all sizes. Providing the windows won't be a means of escape if disaster strikes, then they should seamlessly fit into the décor. Window films come in some amazing colors and patterns. For example, stained glass no longer belongs in churches. It is painted to look like a flower garden, a walk on the beach, pebbles beneath a bubbling stream and the possibilities go on. Etched glass, frosted glass and even film that looks like blinds are available. Got an artist in the family? If so, have them paint a plexiglass panel to fit the window space. Fish in an aquarium, stars and the moon at an angle, creeping vines interwoven with flowers, a small curious mouse peeking to see what's going on (that should drive the cat crazy) are all ideas for decorating the windows to fit the family theme.

The Basement as an Apartment

basement-windows-charlotte-1While basement windows aren't as high-profile as the other windows in the house, some privacy is still important. Jazz up the windows with custom plantation shutters or wood blinds. Roller blinds come in all shades and textures nowadays, from wood to lattice prints to a frosted impression. Privacy is assured in addition to classic good looks.  

The Basement for Mom and Dad

Seniors like a bit of fun, too, but perhaps the mouse peeping in the windows would startle them. For seniors, perhaps a garden just outside the window would be pleasant. If the windows are inside wells, terracing the wells would provide beauty and variety. Seniors could grow tomatoes in addition to their favorite flowers in the terraced garden. Homeowners finishing the basement for mom and dad could always look outside the windows. For instance, close to the basement windows but not jammed up against the house (for safety's sake) could be planted a small area with bamboo, pampas grass or flowering shrubs. Anyone walking around the house would have trouble seeing through the plants into the basement. Placing awnings on the outside of the windows would alsoblock any interest in what's inside the windows. Windows are so much more than a method of checking the weather. They connect us with the world of nature, with color, scent and breezes. They deserve more than just lace sheers beneath velvet curtains. We hope these ideas helped.
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