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We see it happen all of the time. The customer has built or bought a home and they have beautiful specialty shaped windows . These typically are ones that sit above the main square windows. I have a friend who has a second home in Insbrook Missouri. He has an A frame place which is very typical for the places in Insbrook. During the hot days of summer, he was “cooking” inside his place and literally could not stand to be there. The air conditioning could not cool off the place because it was basically a home with windows throughout. So, what are the options for my friend as well as any customer who has specialty shaped windows. Lets start with the A frame friend. He has square windows below and specialty A frame ones above. [singlepic id=114 w=320 h=240 float=right]The first thing we suggested to him was window film. Yes, Sunshine Drapery sells window film and any of our decorators can show you simple options for the windows with the varying degree of window film. What does window film do? It will not block the sun from coming in, but it will act as a layer to stop the rays from heating up the house in summer. If this is not enough and you have a home where you also want to cover the windows, many of the shade and blind products we sell can be made to fit the window. However, keep in mind that most of these will not lower and raise. You just have to decide exactly what your needs and wants are and determine this with our decorating staff.   If you have a newer home but don’t want this severe of an option and you still want to cover the specialty shape windows, then shades and blindswould also work. But, the best kept secret for these is plantation shutters. Plantation shutters can be made to fit almost any specialty shape window. They are absolutely beautiful and can enhance the look of what these windows were meant to be. There are options for window coverings with specialty shaped window. Call Sunshine Drapery today and let one of our decorators come to your home to explore what can be done with your specialty windows.

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