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With high school graduation just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about how to decorate your favorite future college freshman’s dorm room. Everybody wants a cool dorm room and decorating them can be overwhelming but with some small storage solutions, bedding basics and fun decorating ideas, you’ll have the best room on the hall. Here are some tips for decorating your dorm room. heart-dorm-room-ideas Personality in your dorm room starts from the floor up. Decorative rugs, carpet squares and bound carpets are an eye-catching focal point that bring warmth to the dullest and drab of dorm rooms. Just be sure to allow enough clearance for door swings and air circulation followed by regular carpet cleaning done by professionals like the ones from David's Carpet Cleaning. Without sufficient ventilation, condensation and mildew, two common visitors to campus residences, can ensue. When it comes to your bed, you’ll want to layer your linens and bedding. Heavily textured fabrics hide dirt and disguise stains. Opt for two quilts that have a washable layer of sheets underneath. To make sure there isn't any pest infestation, the experts from Raleigh termite servicesask you to make sure you change your sheets regularly and keep the place tidy. Unfortunately, dorm residents don’t always have control over the temperature in their rooms. With layers of bedding, you’ll separate lounging activities from sleeping and stay as warm or cool as you like. Determine whether your school-supplied bed is a standard or extra-long twin. You’ll want 1-2 Euros (shams and inserts), 2-3 decorative pillows, a sleeping pillow, top sheet, fitted sheet, 2 quilts, zippered allergen mattress protector to guard against mold, mildew and bedbugs and a mattress pad to hold your bedding in place. There are many services in Melbourne that you can additionally hire to perform a mold remediation. You can always contact and request school administration to get waterproofing specialist if you find there is a leak or mould in your wall. By law, they are required to fix it as soon as possible as such conditions are quite hazardous to health. When it comes to accessories remember to verify the college’s room regulations and whether or not items can be nailed or adhered to the walls. Verify if additional furniture, electrical appliances and bed risers are permissible too. If your college student needs a small night stand, spray painting a decorative metal trash bin in their favorite color and turning it upside down is an easy and affordable way to add furniture that doesn’t take up valuable floor space. Throw pillows are another way to add a punch of color without taking up a lot of space. Dorm rooms are notorious for harsh fluorescent lighting. Soften the lighting in the room with small desk lamps or task lighting within the space so your college student doesn’t have to rely on the fluorescent fixture attached to the ceiling. While most dorm rooms provide tack strips for hanging wall art, some do not which means you’ll have to turn to double-sided adhesive squares. Turn to wire message boards for an ideal way to display mail, jewelry, mementos and photos.   Finally, to personalize your college student’s entry, create a custom bulletin board to liven up the door. All you need is 1 yard or remnant of fabric, decorative nail heads, 3 – ½ yards of trim, double stick adhesive and fabric shears. Start by measuring your bulletin board and cutting your fabric an inch and a half larger than the board on all sides. Fold your fabric under at the outer edge of the cork, using pushpins to take the fabric in place. Line your bulletin board’s frame with your decorative trim, using the double-sided adhesive squares to secure it in place. The last step is adding a lightweight picture frame (glass removed) to showcase the room’s occupant’s names.One of the best ways to bring texture, pattern and color into any space is by making your own curtains. Simply select the fabric of your choice from Sunshine Drapery and suspend it from curtain rings with clips from a decorative tension rod. This look is easy to swap out, depending on your college student’s mood or the season. Choose fabric panels that you can repurpose as a tablecloth or as a throw. Happy dorm decorating!

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