Decorating your Bedroom, with a Feng-shui Flow

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There is an age old saying, that "good things come in 3's". If this statement has an ounce of truth; then, decorating is certainly a wonderful place to apply this theory.

Follow "The Flow"

As in life, decorating works from the premise, that everything is about balance. The term balance, can be also be comprised as flow, harmony and Feng-shui. Yet, balance typically happens as a result of equal parts; in terms of decor, that is not the case. Two items of similarity in a room; tend not to have the same impact, as adding a 3rd piece. Suddenly, the room goes from symmetry, to tide. Decorating a bedroom, is profoundly important. It is your central area of creativity. It can range from a paramount point of family gatherings, to a joyful retreat. But, ultimately; it is, uniquely your place of tranquility. Many elements create your room's personal style. Paint, wall art, area rugs, pillows, throws, candles and trinkets; each collectively, map out the look and feel of your room. Yet, when it comes to decorating; another well-known quote..."less is more" is extremely significant. Although, many of these baubles mentioned, can addcustomization; too many, can clutter the look; making it appear, unintentional. Decorating and design, should always be done with the intent to display your personal flair, and flavor.

The Big 3

Regardless of textile or theme; you should concentrate your adornment efforts on "The Big 3"...
  1. Throw Pillows
  2. Area Rugs
  3. Drapery
And, here's why... admin-ajax (4)Throw Pillows, are a "pop" focal point. Assuming, that a bed almost always inhabits a room; it automatically becomes the centerpiece of the space. However, drilling into that look, can be accomplished by pulling in the accent colors and theme of the room, with pillows. Be sure to make a bold statement. Choose various shapes and sizes, featuring attractive embellishments. When it comes to the pillows...go big, or go home! Area Rugs, these can be a little more tricky; but, highly important. Rugs are used as much for color impact, as they are room direction. This is where Feng-shui comes into play. The definition of Feng-shui is:
"the Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings thatenhance the balance of yin and yang, as in arranging furniture ordetermining the siting of a house".
Therefore, placement of your runners, creates a visual flow in the room. For instance, if you have a room that is very narrow, and you are desiring it to look wider (thus, forming balance); you'd place the rugs, the opposing direction of the rooms natural design. By using color, and mapping; you can control the appearance of the room. If you have an old rug that you want to use in your bedroom, you may first need to have it cleaned or restored with the help of a professional rug cleaning service. Drapery, this is the final and most critical step, in magnetically combining The Big 3 idea. Already, you've formatted, pop and sparkle with the pillows, direction and color with the area rugs; now, your draperies are the crowning bow, placed on the package.  

The Balancing Act

How strange would it look to have a stunning parcel, wrapped in gorgeous paper and no ribbon? Incomplete, no doubt. The same can be said for a room without tapestries. Again, noting that much of decorating, is flow; in order for that to happen, asymmetry must exist. Pieces in the room that draw your eye away from a balanced view; yet force one's concentration to the 3 components of decorating, must occur. This occurrence urges one to scan the room for coordination; thus completing the bedroom. Essentially, decorating does pare down to personal taste. However, individual choice can occasionally use helpful, beautifying tips. Follow the Feng, go with the flow; and, triplicate for a harmoniousboudoir!
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