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If you have ever heard the saying ' The devil is in the details' you know that it means that there is something hidden or a mysterious element in the details. We are here to provide you those elements that are 'hidden'. In a time not so long ago, you went into a store and purchased a roller shade or a “venetian” blind. The roller shade was operated by a spring mechanism and the “venetian” blind opened/closed and went up and down with multiple string pull cords. Simple! Today, those operating systems seem antiquated because there are so many new options to pay attention too. In addition to the previous two methods, consumers can buy shades and blinds with:

  1. Single string pull cords
  2. Continuous loop cords
  3. Cordless technology or,
  4. Motorized remote controls.
Roman ShadesSingle string pull cords are designed to eliminate the possibility of children or pets getting strangled from the tangled cords. Manufacturers like Hunter Douglas have developed retractable single string pull cords to minimize their access. The continuous loop cord is a heavier cord or beaded chain mounted on the wall. This provides an additional safety feature by preventing easy access and is a practical choice when your blind/shade is extra wide and heavy. Your blind/shade will stay exactly where you place it…no need to lock in place…and the cord is always the same length. Spring clutch technology has improved greatly and is now widely used in cordless shades and blinds. Consumer safety groups advocate only using cordless products in homes where there are small children or pets.   Motorized remote controls have been considered a luxury, but are rapidly becoming a necessity in residential and commercial buildings. More and more homes feature windows two-story high or skylights where window treatments cannot be easily operated. An additional benefit of a motorized blind/shade is the ability to operate multiple units simultaneously. A good salesperson will want to know a little about your household to provide the best operating system for you.
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