Downsizing Decorating Dilemmas

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Many people decide to downsize their lifestyles when their children leave home or they retire, many decide to look for new financing options at to live more freely. The three or four bedroom house with a living room, dining room and oversized family room is no longer needed and daunting to maintain. What they don’t realize is downsizing has its own dilemmas. Interior designDecorating for this cozier space is different and, too often, overwhelming. Frequently, their new home (small house, apartment or condo) has less of everything: less natural light, less overall space and less storage. Smart decorating choices can combat these negatives and create a more live able home. When there is a light issue, you can maximize what you have through clever window coverings and accessories. Hard window treatments (blinds, shades) mixed with stationary panels and a top treatment do not have to overpower your room. Your drapes and top treatment can hang close to the ceiling and barely cover the side of the window frame. This gives a more spacious look and leaves most of the window glass unobstructed. Mirrors strategically placed can capture and reflect that natural light around the room. The feeling of spaciousness is often just that…a feeling. Use light neutral wall colors throughout the home and choose smaller furniture pieces. How often do you or your guests occupy the sofa’s middle seat? A loveseat is a practical option for the living room along with smaller chairs. Addicted to your recliner? Not a problem. There are smaller, wall-hugging versions that will serve you well in your new home.   During your furniture shopping, look at every piece for its storage potential. Side and coffee tables should include covered storage spaces. Bookcases can do double duty – keeping your library of books and other media organized and displaying some of your favorite collectibles. Storage ottomans are available everywhere and in every price range. Look forward to downsizing! It is a time of keeping the best and discarding the rest.

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