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We see many homes that have tall windows in typically the great room area. Many times, these tall windows are 20 feet high and then there are windows down lower that are fairly reachable. How does one decorate with draperies or even blinds or shades? Let's first start with answering one important question - Do you have a privacy issue or even an issue for blocking light? If the answer is yes, then we have to look at doing some type of blind or shade. Motorized product is common now so a customer can simply press a button or even flick a switch to raise and lower product. You don’t have to have a dangling cord hanging down any more and help make the window shades and blinds inviting. If privacy and light control is not an issue, then you can address the looks of the window or even if you need blinds and shades and want the fabric feel too, draperies can be tastefully done and add flavor but not overwhelm the windows. Panels of draperies from the top of the upper window or above down to the floor and barely covering the window or even just covering the dry wall is stunning. We have had decorators add a little boxed valance over the drapery panel for an extra touch and it is just simply exquisite.   If you are a fan of silk fabric, we layer this with a heavy outer and inner lining for stability so the fabric just hangs eloquently . There are other options for tall windows and a decorator can help explore with you the possibilities. For a complimentary appointment, contact Sunshine Drapery and Interior Design. Remember..decorating is not easy, but getting help from Sunshine is!!

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